o#o Lovin’ on my freshly sand-painted Kawasaki KLR 650 pt. 4


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    Wow, I never would have thought to place insightful tape on the wheels. Fantastic
    thought man! Xena isn’t exactly high viz…. I get dirty looks from the bright
    green vested ancient men when I’m road riding in the mountains. Dressed in
    black on a black bike. They no like me.

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    Where did the tan colored seat come from?

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    How embarrassing! (colors83607’s comment)

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    I recovered it. The tan marine-grade vinyl can be found at JO-Anne fabric.
    It’s pretty simple to stretch/staple on there!

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    That black cover is a Stearns ATV cover– also a Coleman brand. You can
    usually find those at Wal Mart for about $20– but I realized that the seat
    itself is more comfortable in the long-run.

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    Yes I have the same seat cover!! glad your using the 650 dot net site!! I
    did all my research there prior to buying my 09!

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    whats the make of your seat addition, ??

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    cool bike man, I just bought a 93 KLR650 and I’m having a mini like affair
    with it. I’m in the process of doing some mods on it. What did you use for
    the Tail luggage box and saddle bags? Looks like Quad saddle bags.. anyway
    man, nice post.