Rough In Electrical Wiring on a SIP home.


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    Fuck wiring that house! Would take forever! 

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    fantastic video , i am going to build a sips home . its the only way to go.
    best of luck, thanks

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    are you allowed to pull low voltage with 12 wire in a sip?

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    ya… not trying to place your ego down but you should know what your talking
    about previous to posting on youtube saying you know whats up. nevermind. ill
    post some videos on how to properly do things. you remind me of a 1st year
    apprentice.. anyway. sorry to hurt your feel bads.

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    damn if u give all the trade secrets out, we will be out a job damn nigga

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    This is american engineering…and it sucks so terrible.

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    By handy people working for peanuts = unsafe installation = problems or
    fire about 2 years later!

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    the poor guy cant even fish wire two feet in the wall 

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    by far ,, one of the best electrical videos i watched, you know your
    code!!! obviously you describe what country or state you live,, and thats a
    key,, so many videos i have watched but when they talk about electrical
    wiring either they are in another country and it makes a fantastic difference..

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    Simple to tell that your a commercial guy, you don’t know how to uncoil Romex

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    That’s a lot of insulation surrounding those cables. 

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    I reckon, you do habitual. It use for industry or wood house. If is concerte
    house, you can’t do

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    The huge factor here is the extra time it takes to wire. By the time it is
    finished it should add up to 1 1/2 hour per point! X $70/hr x 60 points =
    very expensive for ordinary folk – then it is usually taken by handy

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    So basically you are defeating the purpose of the sips by making hot and
    cold spots throughout the whole house .Surely one of the sips manufacturers
    has made a surpass way for running the electrical.

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    17:30 – and… pulled the string all the way through :-P

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    i have like to see some demonstration . please show many tactics

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    No metal plates where the wire runs, previous to drywall, hope nobody screw the

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    excellent stuff

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    The video appeared to be edited in a way to make it sound like wiring a
    SIPs house is competitive with wiring a stick frame. While it may be right
    that materials costs would be about the same, the video seemed to be edited
    to take out any mention of labor costs. If anyone has statistics on this, I
    want to see them.

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    Very well done video, I am checking out doing a scheme using the sip
    system and this anwered many question about how to wire, thanks for the

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    Very excellent demonstration. But, I would have liked a small more on how
    to go from wall to ceiling. 2 other things should be noted: (1) I would
    only use the metal boxes since the ears are adjustable. Edges of boxes
    should be flush with finished surface. (2) Video appeared to show the metal
    box being installed without any protection for the wire being pulled
    through the center knockout of the box. A romex connector of some sort
    should have been installed here.

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    Thanks so much Trig. if you can please make a small video of running
    benefit wires from main panel to meter and running wires from main floor to
    a upper floor.

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    Can’t a sheet rock screw hit the romex wire?

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    very excellent work can you upload more videos this helps people that work in
    the electrical field

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    Excellent luck!!!!!! Ιn case you can not “fishing” by yourself are you use an