How to Drive a Train!!


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    why does he point as if he is directing transfer

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    Nice. I wanted to do this as a kid.

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    what is those hand signal mean?

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    Thank you for the videos, keep it up!

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    He is pointing at the signals as a memory aid.

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    @thekiwicanuck LOL! when i was at japan, my father and i got the shinkansen
    (bullet teach), and there were some guys outside in the rank that were
    doing the same thing, and i never knew why either! but thats all they were

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    Indeed. Particularly a rude small loser nobody like jon jones.

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    Japanese guy, a bunch of buttons and control sticks.HOLY SHIT, its a video
    game nerd, lol

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    Wow what a ritual he’s got going. He also doesn’t floor it, so your jerking
    nearly back there, he also lets off of the power prior to stopping,
    allowing the teach to glide and come to a slow stop, most likely on time.
    Nice system, Hey, he’s not texting!

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    @Ladydaydreaming23 It’s the way the Japanese teach protection commision came up
    to be sure their driver and all employes had check everything they had do
    to previous to leaving, crossing a track or … They found that by pointing your
    finger at what you are looking at, you will pay more attention to it. They
    start doing that all over Japan after a very huge teach blow.

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    For those interested, a game on PS3 called RailFan is has this same teach
    plus others. You have to import it from Japan and it is all in Japanese so
    it can be a small tough to figure out.

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    I drive trains in Sweden, the trains i drive looks surpass than his teach ;)
    But i wish I had a hat like his! XD

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    I just found out that the shisa kanko / pointing and calling that the
    operator is doing is for protection measures. It also avoids making mistakes
    and keeps the person in task and not forget about it. It increases
    attention and focus, as well. If you were to question me, he’s being a safe
    operator. After all, he’s carrying hundreds of people in his teach.

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    Hey, thank you for the cool video. I really appreciate your upload.

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    There is a world outside the United States, you know.

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    @HirasawaFitri Yes it is a EMU,most trains in Japan are EMUs~ ^^

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    Fascinating to see the driver in action like this. Thanks! Japan recently
    appointed it’s first woman shinkansen driver. And shortly thereafter, it’s
    first female commercial jet control. So, at least some progress is being
    made in the status of women in Japan!

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    mmm…. is this a freight locomotive or passenger EMU? looking from the
    acceleration, it seems to be an EMU but I’m not quite sure

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    @shadowhunter388 timetable, departing signal, brake handle, door-lock
    indicator and etc.

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    Utterly fascinating! Thanks for posting this! I would want to sit up front
    and watch this all day as I find the routine of the driver to be nearly
    like an art.

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    in more populated cities that would be thousands, not hundreds.

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    I like the hand signals, I guess they are a left over from earlier times
    when perhaps railway guards were nearly to see them, now only we tourists
    are curious about them.

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    he putting on a show or somthing Points all over the place with his finger

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    Amusing comment. But, I wanna point out the difference between available
    Japanese technology and the technology used in trains etc which is quite
    ancient. You know, when you go there, you expect to see space ships, but in
    fact it is pretty habitual tech. Unfortunately.

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    oh! this is my hometown railway!(nagoya rail way) this teach type “6800”
    this master controler is” 4 “position “1 “series1step “2” series last step
    “3”parallel “4” parasllel shunt last step (all automatic step)