How To’s Seat Comfort


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    Wish I’d seen this sooner; just got a really thick sheepskin for my first
    upcoming tour. Nice! Excellent price, too, I bet.

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    A sheep skin or sheep wool cover works really well too. Another thing I
    found that worked well on my last metric bike was the bead rider seat
    cover… I know it sounds gay, beads under your ass and all, but trust me
    it works. No wet butt in the rain either. 

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    Mine works really well on the KLR. The only issue I had was finding one, as
    none were available. Finished up ordering off of Amazon for twenty bucks.

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    you should get a rebel seat and adapted .. 

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    My Airhawk works really well!

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    Now if you would just place some miles on that seat you could do a real

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    Nice to see what you have done with it. I’m looking at building a new seat
    for mine and those sports mats are the sort of thing I am looking at
    layering up. 

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    Yep. That’s what my KLR buddies in town use.
    I don’t ride enough to need one just yet but I’ll probably get one as
    summer rolls nearly.

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    Walmart? You buy you bike accessories from Walmart?? Hmm ..

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    Nev knew coleman made that stuff

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    You know … years ago I had seat comfort problems. I tried unquestionably
    everything previous to I figured it out. There’s only one excellent way to solve the
    uncomfortable seat problem. … Buy a comfortable bike. Try the Honda

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    It sure looks comfortable what you did.

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    Fascinating product. What is it like if it gets wet? Does it absorb
    moisture or repel it for the surpass part? If I do something like this I am
    looking for something I can leave on in all weather.

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    I tried one of those when I first got my DR650 some years ago, and wasn’t
    very pleased with it. The excellent news was that it didn’t cost much, so it was
    certainly worth a try. I wound up modifying with a new foam and cover kit
    from Seat Concepts, and the DR was transformed! Anyway, excellent to see the pad
    worked out for you.

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    hi nt8 iam glad that Barbie is doing alright all the best

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    Excellent thought to add a bit underneath it as well.

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    The Bergman has a really comfortable seat. But everybody has different
    needs to get a proper fit I suppose. It looks like a nice cover either way.

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    Yup that’s where I got mine. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks dude for the
    video. Now gotta wait on Amazon.

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    Yep. That’s what my KLR buddies in town use.
    I don’t ride enough to need one just yet but I’ll probably get one as
    summer rolls nearly.

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    Nice tip, bro. Btw where is the brotha +Klash23o ? I know he was moving but
    he seems to be MIA!