Sew a Drawstring Bike Seat Cover

In th&#1110&#1109 edition &#959f th&#1077 CRAFT Video, Becky Stern shows &#1091&#959&#965 h&#959w t&#959 m&#1072k&#1077 a custom fabric bike seat cover. Y&#959&#965 m&#1110&#609ht m&#1072k&#1077 one &#1110f &#1091&#959&#965r bike seat &#1110&#1109 &#1110n disrepair, …
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    Like this!! Thank you for allotment : )

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    coole Idee! Mache einen Sattelschutz für dein Fahrrad.

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    I have the same seat. Perfectly going to try this, Thanks!

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    Thank you!

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    Less likely to get stolen WTF?

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    Wow. The first craft I could use!!!

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    @rustyman101 there are few videos on modding dirt bike seats in YT. I
    recomend to buy the same seat for bike somewhere on Internet, and then try
    modding it. It would be terrible to ruin your only bike seat :O

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    my bro and his friend ade black and wihte handle bars and new grips.

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    Yup. Brooks sadels arepretty expensive XD A lot of clients buy a sadel from
    us couse theirs are stolen.

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    a quick release seat post would be convenient and just take your seat with
    you its not like it weighs a ton! and i do believe the perferation on her
    seat cover does help absorb farts and disperse it thru the open remainder
    perferated holes!

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    @makemagazine We now know the brand name of your bike and are going to
    go quietly it! 0:21

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    why don’t you just reupholster it with leather? anyway the only way of
    stopping seat jackers is by ballbearing the seatpost nut

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    Cool, I am making a denim one for my BMX :D

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    @rustyman101 I would not recommend it for a generous power bike because the
    G-force s in a turn are greater then that of a bikecycle and if the cover
    slides from under you it might not be pretty. but hey depending on the
    fabric it might work. test it at different speeds. OOO but I do like the
    craft I reckon it is outstanding.

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    i keenly await the first youtube video of someone crashing because that
    thing slips off and gets caught in the chain…….

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    @paukenkiger 1. it’s really leather, and the drawstring makes it really
    tight so it doesn’t slide. 2. Just throw it in the washing machine. 3. It’s
    to deter someone from stealing my name brand seat off of my parked and
    locked bike. 4. show me yours! Mine’s a 2009 Fuji track with 650 wheels,
    nothing to sneer at and a fantastic ride nearly town.

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    Use a rare earth magnet to get the protection pin trough that sleve

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    a amusing small looking woman riding nearly town on a bike with a seat cover
    she sewed herself how cute

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    the seat you had under it was really nice lol i don’t reckon i would have
    done that, would have just used a bike lock so people don’t go quietly it…

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    You’re not supposed to sew over pins! They could break the needle and it
    could go flying into your eye!

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    Looks like a cool Brooks saddle.

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    I never thought about that :D fantastic.

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    1- because its made by you. (not you, you…), and its cheaper. 2- i dont
    even get what you want to say…