Exhaust Header – Explained


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    Will i see any gains with any exhaust mods with a stock engine… or do i
    need to have it produce more power to need more exhaust flow? really
    curious and i can’t find answers on forums

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    You look a bit like James Blake.

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    You don’t necessarily want larger pipe for a header, you want quicker
    exhaust velocity which is why 4 to 1 header is surpass. Larger piping means
    more top end power with a trade up with less low end power. The largest
    difference between stock manifold setup and a header is removing the
    catalytic convertors which are a restriction meant to reduce emissions.

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    i know i’m gonna get flamed for this, but i’m wondering if getting a
    upgrade on a minivan such as custom headers
    which design should i go for? ie. 4-2-1 or which
    also when you guys say a “proper tuning” what does this involve?

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    Resonance is an issue to be considered when choosing the diameter, yes?

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    Got a question what the cheapest way to get alot of horspower out of my 02
    Dodge Durango V8 4.7 4×4 an 2 weel drive 

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    Hi, I just found out that my 1991 VW Golf stock exhaust header has a
    mechanism that allows it to swerve a small, which after-market exhaust
    headers don’t have. I am wondering if this is the wits that after-market
    exhaust headers crack so straightforwardly? 

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    i’d change my 1996 integra exhaust header to the similar one on your video,
    after connect everything on, now my car car doesn’t start, it turn but
    don’t start…..please help

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    hi , I want question that if I change the part in exhaust manifold what could
    be happened in Bp , bsfc , bmep , bes , co , co2 , I will be very glad if u
    answer +Engineering Clarified 

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    All of this stuff you clarify which is awesome goes for all cars right? Not
    just imports right? 

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    Can you clarify to me why my headers glow red

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    Fantastic Videos! Sooo helpful! I feel like Im learning. This is what the
    internet should be about! hahaha

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    What about V6 headers?

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    Nice video. You said larger piping will have more power in higher rpm, but
    what about if a turbo is added? Smaller piping or larger being that there’s
    more power at a lower rpm. Also is a stock exhaust manifold 4-1 with a
    smaller diameter?

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    the brain cox of the engine world

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    headers on my V6 are left side 3-1 then ride side 3-2-1, there
    basically 3-1/Y-I headers

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    Hey, I really need help. I am looking to get new exhaust for my 1997
    Lincoln Towncar, but know nothing about which ones I need. The brand would
    be either Magnaflow or Flowmaster. Can someone please help?

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    You clarify very well about the topic! I’m enjoying your series!!!! Really

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    I have a 02 subaru ts im thinking of rallying. Could i go with a duel 2-1
    over a 4-2-1? Or what would be the effect of the duel 2-1?

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    hey I have upgraded my xtracters and place on a performance exhuast system on
    left the habitual catallac converter on and it is blowing black smoke its
    weird cant work it out. is it to much fuel

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    hey dude ! i have a Nissan Patrol 1996, i wanted to question, can i instal both
    a catback AND a header ? thanks !

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    I have been wanting to place headers on my dodge ram but a lot of people are
    telling me that headers leak a lot is this right? And how would you prevent
    them from leaking?

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    Thanks for all the fantastic videos! Very well clarified and informative. Could
    you please make a video for the secondary air booster system! Thx

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    No, it’s simply routed that way to expel the exhaust gas at the back of the

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    I have 4-2-1 headers (’99 Accord). I did this to keep low-end torque. My
    understanding is that increased back pressure at low RPM’s can really
    INCREASE torque. I find this so counter-intuitive. Do you have an
    explanation for this outcome? Thanks :D