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    I noticed you’re being very helpful answering questions on here so i have
    to question. I have a 2007 KTM 450sxf and the benefit manual my dealer gave me
    is a disk that says “2008-2012″. They told me that is the only one
    available and that it works for the 07. I’m about to do my valves though
    and don’t want to shim it at the incorrect specs. you know if what the dealer
    gave me is assess?

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    I’ve just done this on my lc4 640 after an engine rebuild (bottom end),
    re-used piston and rings.
    So new con rod, crank etc..
    How long should I run it in for.? 

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    incredible design with the rocker arms, cool upload thanks! 

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    WOw, thank you so much for this video. I always thought valve adjustments
    is something you really cant do yourself but this looks pretty simple. Now, I
    nedd to get a KTM and try this myself :) Cheers

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    Hi, thanks for this video.I’m following it step by step but I do have a
    question. Why did you choose 0.13mm as a desired clearance for the intake.

    Here are my numbers: Intake: right= 0.12mm and left 0.07mm so I would
    leave the right side lonely and use a 2.80mm on the left? ( 0.13mm – 0.07mm
    = 0.06mm if my existing shim is 2.86mm , I’d subtract 0.06 and get 2.80mm)

    As for the exhaust, I have 0.12mm right side and 0.10mm left side. Not
    sure what I should do with those. The right side is right on the lower
    limit of the spec ( 0.12 – 0.17) as for the left , I know it’s not within
    spec but what is the desired clearance? Would you subdue use 0.13mm ?

    Thanks for the help. 

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    This looks pretty straight forward but in some way when it comes to me doing it
    something always seems to go awry.

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    Fantastic vid!! also going to attempt this soon, I have a question, I have a
    hotcams shim kit for a 2006 ltz400, would the shims work on my 2010 450
    exc? Are they the same sizes and all that? Thanks!!

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    Fantastic video! I’m about to attempt my first valve check this week. I have a
    Rekluse auto clutch in my EXC500. Can I use the kick starter to turn the
    motor as an alternative to turning the back wheel? 

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    calipers are shit for this application , use a micrometer , calipers are
    too subject to feel

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    Is this video close to what I would have to do to adjust a 2003 ktm 525 exc

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    Superb! I sure appreciate this and 2009 Ktm, 530 XC-W. This is a
    Fun-Powerful bike, simple to work on.

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    Hi RM, awesome vid. Can you help me, I’m trying to measure valve
    clearances. How do I get TDC on a 2012 ktm 250 sxf?

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    its the same adjust for exc350f 2013?

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    Elad, no the 350 is a dual overhead cam and you have to pull the cams to
    change the shims.
    Rocky Mountain, you guys kick a$$. Things like this are the wits you get
    all my affair.

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    Honest Enough ha ha thanks!

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    Thanks for watching!

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    Thank You!

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    Very excellent and professional video! Thank you very much.

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    gr8 video:D

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    Fantastic explanation, but this is why Ill stick with 2 strokes.

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    Oops! You are assess.. nice bump!

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    Fantastic Vid thank you!

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    thats a 2013

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    That’s a very clear, well clarified review.