MX vs ATV – Canard and Brown


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    That was sick! So who’s quicker? 

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    4 wheels moves the body, 2 wheels moves the soul.

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    @ Spencer leitch:
    Come on take control on a +400 Lbs machine in jumps and whoops !
    You’re ignorant…

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    #nukethequads. MX bikes are and always will be the best. Quads are stupid

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    Quad vs bike Redbud lap

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    did he just whip a quad?

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    Quads FTW

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    For me it’s stupid to equate ATV and motocross, they are perfectly
    different. Who’s quicker ? Depends on the track, on this type of track I’m
    sure it’s the motocross but in enduro with hight speed parts…
    I always paracticed ATV and I bought a dirtbike 3 years ago, and it’s
    perfectly different, in some track I prefer ATV and other dirt bike, but for
    sure dirtbike is quicker : same engine for 60-70 kg more on ATV….

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    hands down MX… if you took any top MX rider and place him against top ATV
    rider the MX rider will run quicker laps.

    Don’t really reckon this is argument, it is really a lot harder to be quick
    on a ATV you have “double” the weight and wheels/tires and the same size

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    I want to see Trey ride the ATV and Thomas hop on the dirt bike and

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    be honest guys , ? can quads hit ruts? can quad whips and scrubs ? can
    quads double backflips? can quad do front flips and TP7 trick ? sure not…
    though they cant go release tracks and climb all those idiotic obstacles , you
    cant be free as much as you ride a dirt bike

    motocross is the most demanding sport on earth 

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    that was pretty kewl… thx for allotment

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    I’ve drove quads and dirt bikes since I was 5 years ancient and I can truly say
    when I want to relax and have fun I go and jump on my quad but when I won’t
    to drive aggressive and do more stupid stuff I jump on my dirt bike. I can
    do stupid stuff on my atv just atvs your more likely for it to kill you
    from it upstairs hallway on you because it ways 400+ pounds but overall I reckon
    riding quads are more fun. You can go mud riding, go quick and do jumps just
    as if you were on a dirtbike and so quads have my vote.

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    Saw the thumbnail pic, thought we had a new mx vs atv

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    fantastic video

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    they just need ronnie to come in to show them how its done

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    Can we all just face something? Whether you like it or not, saying a
    dirtbike is surpass or a quad is surpass is saying “hi im so and so and im a
    very desperate soul, please give me a wits to feel excellent about the
    choice in vehicles ive made!” When in reality theres always someone who
    will wanna run with it and cause a huge battle. So please givd up on which
    is surpass. Question for my OPINION i would choose quads because I LIKE THEM not
    for any wits see its that simple.

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    both machines are fuckin awesome!

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    Irrevocably! Awesome video. Race a quad, fan of both. Quad or dirt bike, it’s
    subdue the best sport on earth. 

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    Atvs r gay dirtbikes rule!!!!!!!!!!!!

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