Carburetor / Carb Leaking Gas? How to Fix / Repair it. Motorcycle Honda DIY Tutorial clean


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    pk 50 carburetor leaks from overflow tube 

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    ok can you help me with my Diaphram carb

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    To “Bryan Zepeda” – On the left foot there should be a shift lever. Click
    it UP to place in FIRST GEAR and up again for SECOND gear. Is the shift lever

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    same issue today. i see gas leaking a bit is y i feel the bike choppy like
    going to stall out on me. and not wanting to go…damn, never did this
    previous to, taking carb apart.. and not sure where to get the part, without
    using my credit card for a 10.00 part… to my supplier!!!

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    nice video…overflow come from carburator…not coz of reed valve for 2

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    Nice video thanks!!!!

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    get a carb rebuild kit for $28 it comes with everything ;)

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    Very helpful hahaha. fun to watch

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    thanks my bike was leaking there and under the gas tank. fixed the tank now
    i have to try this.

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    This video was helpful. Thanks. Do you have a video on how to sterile the
    carberater. I want to learn how to do it.

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    Ok so I got a Honda 50cc its an older bike dont know exact develop automatic.
    I start it up and pull back on it but it doesn’t go anywhere but Rev up
    high and thats it? I doesnt go anywhere. But start up and when I try to gun
    it doesn’t go anywhere but rec up high. Any thoughts what’s incorrect with it? 

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    Same problem with my ’81 Kawasaki KM100. When I turn on the gas valve it
    just pours out. I’m a bit sketched out about taking the carb apart due to
    my nearly non-existent mechanical knowledge. 

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    Well that was a bit helpful thanks! 

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    can someone tell me I have a KLX 650 and overflow my tank to the carburetor
    out of here what the problem

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    my issue is really similar, i have a ’77 Honda CB400f my leak is dripping
    down the hose of the carb. hoping to have a mechanic friend of mine take a

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    I have a 03 CRF230F and as soon as i turn on my gas and try to start my
    bike it will start to idle and then when i place it in gear and try to take
    off ill go about three meters and it will conk out and the gas will
    literally POUR out of my hose. I also just cleaned it so do you reckon this
    could be my problem? any suggestions? 

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    this video looks ancient, which is also why its more helpful then most

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    Excellent video, thanks

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    Thanks so very much. Just what was needed!!!!! 

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    My son has a cr125r that has the exact problem turn on the gas and with in
    45 seconds starts pouring gas out of the btm of the carburetor. Ran into
    your posting and just wanted to touch pass with you and see if you may have
    any suggestions for me previous to I tear the carburetor apart.

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    thank you so much !

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    I would drain the gas, place new gas in tank and sterile the carburetor of all
    shellac including hinge pin.

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    Fantastic Video!!

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    Thanks. I used your info and repaired my sons xr100 in about 15 minutes.

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    nice one mate