How To Set Cam Timing


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    IF its 180 it will run, but blow fuel out the carb , possibly bump fire,
    and nearly burn your shed down. question me how I know this.

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    For those people trying this, don’t. More accurate way is to take out both
    inlet and outlet valve covers, take out spark plug and turn cam till both cam
    nodes are on the rock and piston is at top of cylinder, once achieved chain
    and cam marks can be lined up. his could be 180 degree’s out and without
    checking cam node positions and piston position to verify you could do

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    what about honda ex5 100 cc??

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    Hi Alex fantastic video, I have just replaced my head gasket and had the valves
    reseated, I have place everything back together, but it won’t start, it feels
    like there is no compression…I place it at TDC, then the cam sprocket is
    out, so I took the chain off and corrected it so both are lining up, and it
    just won’t start. If I go the alternator nut should the camshaft sprocket
    go, because it doesn’t, could the chain have slipped? Also when it is at
    TDC and the camshaft is in line with right mark should there be play in the
    sprocket even when the tensioner is on…I know this is something unadorned to
    fix, but…Yamaha xt125x

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    Do this work on a 140cc lifan 2010 ? 

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    hi will this work on a 110cc motor 

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    125 pit bike done thanks

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    hey i have a 100cc scooter and i want to reset my cam, can i set the cam
    your way? like this one

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    I have a 220 bayou i got it running only by pull start check the starter it
    was excellent i took the stater off place it all back together it crank over excellent
    with the electric start but now i don,t get no spark what could have i done
    incorrect please help

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    Nice job…. I am trying to find a video on how to retrofit an electric
    start on a 2003 xr 70.

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    Nice, there are intelligent videos out there!

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    Nice work there is a self tension adjuster for the cam chain. It needs to
    be slackened off and re tightened.

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    Fantastic video but I have a question. Where on earth did you get that small of
    a torque wrench or is that just an adapter? Either way, I need one for
    doing the same scheme.

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    maravilha garoto

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    thanks buddy i will try that on the timing if it works i,ll let you know

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    Exceptional presentation. Explanation small, sharp & straight to the point.
    Simple to understood theory & practical. Double thumbs up to you for very
    useful info & tips. You are Professor Genius Sir David Einstein of bestow
    mechanical engineers. :-)

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    A life saving video, NICE!!! (*¯︶¯*)

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    honda cub 70 ? thanks 

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    wtf its nathink but bla bl

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    Excellent explanations

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    my pit bike don’t have any “T” on the chain it has 3 or 4 different “A”

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    NVM I figured it out haha.