Light the Night with LEDGlow


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    Unquestionably not! I really have some pics of our underbody kit on a
    Silverado on our Facebook page, give it a look!

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    I can hook you up with some decals if you would like, that is no problem at
    all. Thanks for the suggestions as well! They are momentously valued.
    Email your shipping take up to Jason @ LEDGlow. com and I will send some

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    Yes if you buy the cigarette lighter adapter that is the only thing you
    will need to power the kit. Just connect the wires, plug in the adapter,
    and you are excellent to go. Let me know if I can resolution whatever thing else for you!

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    So if I get the million collor kit, and use the cigerette lighter adaptor,
    I can just plug it in to the outlet and the lights will work? And if I do
    get the adaptor, there no other wiring i need to do? I’m not much of a guy
    who works on cars and need something simple to set up and use. Thanks. Lights
    look fantastic by the way.

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    Let me see if I can find it for you.

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    pulse by sound droid

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    Song name?

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    Found it, its called Pulse by Soundroad

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    hello, i am 17, and i want to pimp my ride with these LED’s. but im
    more of a “Safe” driver. and im wondering, how illegal are these? are there
    certain colors that you SHOULD not use? or am i being to safe on this
    stuff… kinda new to it. :) am i also able to make a “speacial offer” like
    my high school colors are. purple and gold. could i have a special order
    that would let me have a repeating sequence of purple and gold/yellow?

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    Fantastic video I wish I could have made it

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    that is an awesome advertisement video lol nice job

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    The best thing to determine legality in your state is to simply question your
    local police department. I’m sure we would be able to do something for you
    if you wanted a purple/yellow kit, we could figure out how to do that for
    you. If you have any other questions just question!

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    Pulse – Soundroad pond5(dot)com/stock-music/1548490/pulse-full-track.html

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    Awesome, be sure to post a video once your install is done. We are going to
    be uploading a control box tutorial for that kit today, so stay tuned!