110cc ATV Help – Stator Cover Cap


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    I Bought my boy one of these back in 2010 ran excellent for 2 years and yeah the
    stator cover was the first to go LOL subdue got duck tape over mine !! These
    things have no name on them once the stickers wore off and I’ve lost all my
    documentation on parts and such. Any how the remote start and kill has
    since went terrible on it do you have any Thought how to by pass this or know a
    video that might demonstate this thanks!!

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    Your chain is too loose on the sprockets. Take out the chain from the rear
    sprocket and let it lay on the shaft. Drape the chain over the top of the
    front sprocket and pull on the chain from the bottom. Chain should roll
    onto front sprocket. Once chain is on front sprocket, drape the chain over
    the top of rear sprocket. Roll the atv backwards and chain should jump on
    track of sprocket. Tighten the chain next. Watch my other video to see how
    if you need…:)

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    DO NOT BE STUPID .. Do not place lock tight on the plug covers… use
    silicone.. you might want to take out that if you want to turn the motor by

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    You CAN take out the plug with lock tight just the same as silicone. I wont
    be stupid. Thanks

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    Hi, I have an EDGE 90, I removed the stator cover and stator and found the
    chain meeting behind the stator was not meeting on the upper sprocket. Is
    there a trick to getting the chain conncected? Any help would be momentously