$27 Replica Fake NFL Elite Jersey Review and Unboxing – Aliexpress Chinese Wholesaler


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    I like your vids, you should do an MLB jersey next time. I just bought a
    NCAA jersey and will do a review on that in the next 3 weeks when it

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    Tell your mom tip mind her own busy

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    hey i ordered some more nhl jerseys from redtrade just waitin for those..
    but in mean time was gonna order a couple nfl jerseys but hows the size fit
    you? obviously i need a larger size but i heard these are more tighter then
    the reebok ones a couple years ago. on the reeboks to fit exact on me id
    need 2 xl and they would be just basically exact.. idk if 2x with nike
    elites would be too snug or if id need to go up a size or 2.

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    NHL Jersey came and here’s a review!!
    $29 Replica NHL Jersey Review and Unboxing New Minnesota Wild – Aliexpress

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    Just ordered an NHL jersey, I will be sure to do a review of it!

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    Thank you for this video.. 

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    nice quality hey in my attitude if it doesnt come of the players back it
    aint real! gas, food and bills are already high enough

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    What the hell was the point of wrapping it back up if u already took it out
    and tried it on? lol what a noob

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    I ordered a desean jackson jersey from this seller, u can tell its fake at
    first glance lol :

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    It’s working now,just been in the same place for 4 days now lol,I questioned him
    and he said it takes awhile to update sometimes

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    do they ship to uk?

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    I ordered my jersey 10 days ago and it subdue says “pay success” did this
    happen to you? Let me know thanks

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    Fantastic reviews ! I like your videos very much ! 

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    I am having issues signing up for the site; it just constantly loads. What
    would you recommend?

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    I got mines there to I bought nike nfl elite jersey and ray rice white it
    took a small while to get here but I received I’m gotta get Alford Morris
    I will be doing a review on that jersey but also no problem with them I
    like there jerseys 

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    24$ nfl jersey http://www.aliexpress.com/store/537065

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    I bought one a few weeks ago and I tell you what it’s not a terrible jersey
    .they did a excellent job on it,for 26 dollars not terrible 

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    Cute jersey, ya viking faget. Go, Pack, Go!

    Thank you for the review. 

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    I am looking to buy my 12 year ancient son a jersey for XMAS.. Any
    recommendations as he wears a size Small in the Nike limited jersey but I
    reckon the Elite Jerseys smallest size is a ordinary assess? Any person have a
    recommendation for where to buy the assess size for him? Thank you!

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    Man I have bought over 20 Jerseys from Aliexpress the last two months. 

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    How did you pay for the jersey? I go together with a couple people and
    order 15 jerseys but the site charged my acct more than the whole and my
    bank rejected it as fraud. I’ve seen a lot of reviews for this site I guess
    just wondering if you had any problems?

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    my boyfriend like this one, receive it 2 days ago, very excellent, order from
    www inshopss co

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    How trustworthy is this site?

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    For some wits my tracking number isn’t working..did you have this issue?

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    Thanks bro I appreciate it,bout to order me an Antrel Rolle jersey,bout
    sick of Payin 250 for jerseys that are made in prolly made in the same
    country anyways cuz I knw Nike ain’t in America lol