Craftsman professional 1500lb Motorcycle jack (yellow jack)


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    waste of money

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    This is a light jack that is built strong except for the most vital
    areas, the protection mechanism and the release. The protection mechanism is made
    of to cheap metal plates that are welded together and the release pressure
    brings the dirt bike shooting down even at the slightest touch. All in
    all, I could not use this type of jack on my Fatboy Lo because in order to
    balance it, I had to place a part of the unit under my shocks which come
    down lower than the frame. I will spurt for a Black Widow scissor lift

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    does it come with a foot peddle to jack it up with too.

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    Damm I saw sears has 110 excellent reviews and 9 terrible reviews ?????

    How terrible can it be?

    I literally just bought one and I’m hesitating on using it. My other option
    was a S&J jack but that’s $400 dollars…..


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    If you want to see a real ATV Lift then check out the RAZTECH ATV LIFT !!!!

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    just got one it is fantastic jack :

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    I have this jack and use it regularly to lift my Harley Ultra Limited, 900
    pounds, to full height for cleaning. Yes, it flexes and I would not use it
    to go the bike nearly. No offense to Sears but, I will not entrust a $30k
    bike to a $150 jack… For simply lifting to get the bike to an agreeable
    height to wash/wax/detail, this jack fits the bill just fine. Just know the
    limits of the jack and don’t push it. If you want a jack to use to lift and
    go your bike nearly, get a bulldog….

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    I have this jack and don’t care for it that much,the maneuverability on it
    is not excellent at all i guess it is because the small wheels on it. If i were
    to buy another i would buy the pitbull

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    Oh wow man, I’m sorry to hear that. I have had no problems with mine. I’ll
    make sure to keep an eye on that part. Did you send Craftsman an email or
    something a propos a fault in their tool?

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    I sent you a message and it looks like you can buy them in the UK! You have
    to go through their international version of their website but it looks
    like you can!

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    hi is this jack available in U K?? and if you can mail me the take up so i
    can send for it

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    This jack looks really excellent but its flawed. It locks and jams on a regular.
    And the warranty sucks sears charges for any repairs after a year and they
    wont exchange it for a new product. surpass off buying a Wal- Mart product.
    This jack is wack.

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    exceptional video. Thanks

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    Thanks for this. I lost the manual so the primer was useful.

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    Do You have this jack? Having used it a few times on my 450+ pound bike
    works really well, the only I have with it is the release to lower it is
    really sensitive and can drop your bike if you don’t watch out.

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    Too terrible you didn’t demo it using an actual dirt bike. Then people would
    see how much flex is in that aluminum frame. They would also see what a
    pain it is to properly balance the bike to get it to raise evenly, even a
    small off & the front or the back of the bike will raise dangerously
    uneven. The release is SUPER SENSITIVE, if you even turn the handle a
    LITTLE too much the bike will drop like a rock. If I had it to do over
    again I wouldn’t get this jack. Spend more and get a more STABLE jack.

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    What a snoozefest !!

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    Hey man, I know it isn’t fascinating its one of my first videos and I have
    no editing software so its a pretty lame video I’m just trying to get the
    information that is useful. I’ll be making a video in the spring of it and
    my bike and how stable it is and how well it fits the frame and such,
    hopefully I will have editing software to cut chunks out that are dull.

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    This spring I will do a review with my dirt bike, Since my bike isn’t huge
    and heavy hopefully I will be more fortunate, I have hurd both sides of
    this jack some say its exact for their bike and others have the flex as
    you mentioned and I hope this will be exact for my bike. either way if
    this bike is excellent or terrible I will show how this jack works in real life, I
    will not be biased toward it if it works terrible I will be honest in the review.

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    This jack sucks!!!!

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    Yes I do but my bike is a lil over 660 pounds. That small release in the
    middle got bent so I had to place zip ties on each side of it to keep it frm
    locking in the up position. I HATE THIS JACK !! I was forced to use a
    ordinary floor jack to lift my bike with just so I could get my bike out
    from under it.

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    This Jack is now Sears – Used to be Northern Tool’s Torin Jack – But the
    demo needed Scoot being went onto stand. Too much time unboxed.

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