Jeep Tires & Wheels Winner: Installing BFG Tires & KMC Wheels


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    Posted 04/15/2014 at 7:43 | Permalink

    on a stock 2009 wrangler x what do u reckon would be the largest tire i can
    fit on it with no lift and not much rub?

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    35×12.50 tires with 18″ rims. The lift is a 3.5″ Rubicon Express.

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    what about a stock chevy tahoe 98?

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    What size rims and tires are these? And what size lift is on this jeep?

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    looks fantastic but I would not want to take those rock stars in the rocks

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    very nice jeep

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    @letitride555 I would say a 35×12.50 tire would be the largest on a
    wrangler X. I have a 2008 wrangler 4door rubicon, and my 35×12.50’s would
    rub because the turning radius of the front axle is greater than a 2doors
    turning radius. So I swapped out the stock wheels and place in some proper
    backspaced wheels which prevented any rubbing (I didn’t need a lift) So…
    to fully resolution your question, if you have a 4door, your 35″ tires would
    rub… but if yours is a 2door they will not.

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    @letitride555 I spar to a 4WD rep this morning because I had a similar
    question. I was told that Jeep JK without a lift kit can fit 32×11.5
    (something like having 285/70/16). I’m assuming that you are running stock
    16 inch wheels.

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    Will someone help me? I have a 2012 wrangler Sahara with stock 18″ rims.
    I’d like to get larger tires like the ones in this video without having to
    lift It. I’m not sure if I should buy smaller rims and larger tires or just
    get the black machined wheels in an 18″. I’d like the tires to stick out
    more as well without having to install spacer because i heard that spacer
    are not excellent because the heavier tires with spacers will apply more weight
    on the axels. So what would you guys recommend that I