Motorcycle bottom end rebuild part 1 (of 3) crank & bearings


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    What do you reckon about HOT RODS CRANKS and BEARINGS? Please help cause my
    yz 250 2003 needs this parts substitution and I`ve read a lot and watch some
    vids, some say that its excellent quality product and never had any problems and
    some shout to stay away of it, I would be thankful if you could resolution that
    question. Is it worth to save money buying HOT RODS and worrying about
    seizing engine or those just can`t place it properly and thats why this
    problem appears? PLEASE HELP

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    RockyMountain, quick question. THis will be my first time opening a
    dirtbike case, I have a fantastic Mechanical aptitude. Does the Head need to be
    completely taken apart to split the case? rmz250 2013

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    Is this the same as a 03 yz125? At least to get an thought of how to do it?

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    What year is this bike’s engine? It looks like m 02 is a bit different.

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    Any person know what size the nut is that holds the clutch basket on?? 

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    Thank you.Your demonstration help me deelply >.<

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    If I am just replacing my crank and rod do I subdue need to take the
    transmission out or can it stay in? 

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    I have a 1998 yz 250 is the crank from the 98 the same as a 1999 2004 in
    or upgraded? (can the newer develop crank be used for a 1998 motor?

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    It smokes so terrible that when I. Park it , it drips oil off the tip of my
    pipe. , I’m not mixing it to rich or whatever thing , and it acts like it always
    needs cleaned out unless you run it wide open

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    Rocky ,I have a 2006 Baja 250cc atv ,I need to replace the crank do you
    have a video of the tear down of the moter?

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    hey RockyMountain please help me i have this problem with my bike for at
    least a year now ..this if previous to i even split my case ….

    my problem.. I know that first gear clunk is habitual but this is what i feel
    when i shift from 1rst to second after that incident. Im pleased I dont get
    grinding as much (maybe once in a while) but whenever I shift from 1st to
    2nd, I hear a loud cunk. When i shift it at higher rpm, i have this weird
    feeling in my feet. Right upon shifting, i feel that the gearbox is
    exerting a force on my foot (opposite reaction). So when I change from 1rst
    to 2nd in high rpm, it shifts but there is a clunk and after the shift, the
    SHIFT LEVER HITS MY FOOT BACK. (Same feeling as bounce a tennis ball
    against the wall and catching it)

    i have new shift drums, forks, and also like groundbreaking new gears…dogs on my
    ancient gear was out… there something im missing here please help me im
    going idiotic…it only happens shifting from 1st to 2nd….lever hits my
    foot back but im able to shift it in …ty for taking the time

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    fantastic series RM, not only you sell quality products at reasonable prices,
    you also help the DIYs with these fantastic videos. Awesome. 

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    Hey I really need some help with a bbike , its a 1999 cr250 , and I have
    just place a new crank , all the seals , all gaskets and bearings , new
    piston and rings , and its burning motor oil , it will smoke really thick
    and it turns my motor oil black , so someone said my crank seal was place in
    incorrect , so I bought another one and its subdue doing the same thing , I
    can’t find anyone that knows

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    congratulations on your video from Colombia
    I do not speak English, you only need to see a video to learn more
    thank you very much I wish had had a teacher like ud to teach me a lot more.
    very immaculate your workplace

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    I place my gear shifter mechanism in and then my kick starter in and the
    other gear but when I went to try to kick start it gets stuck on the
    shifter at the bottom and that’s what is holding it from kicking the bottom
    gear gets stuck on it , i have a 1996 kx 125 , any help ??

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    thanks for useful guide :)

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    Hey guys very inspiring video, I own and ride a yamaha 01 wr400 and i have
    a slight whine on acceleration and a more distinctive whine on deceleration
    and i am headed in the direction of a main bearing substitution, i am on
    your site purchasing every tool you touched in this video as we speak and i
    just have a couple of q’s, I live in australia and i have never come across
    dry ice besides high school science class, is it 100% necessary to use dry
    ice? is there and alternative?

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    How long does it take to rebuild a top end vs a bottom end. Experienced vs
    non experienced. ??? Thank you much in draper area.

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    it depends on the bike. I reckon this one was nearly a 27-30mm.

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    Yep, to replace crank bearings you have to split the motor…. Just follow
    along with these videos and your benefit manual and you should be fine

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    to break in a 03 kx250 engine how much extra oil should i place in the gas
    and what is the best kind of tranny oil i can us to place in my engine and
    how long should i take to break in a new rebuild engine

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    hey RockyMountainATVMC, how much on average would a shop charge to do a job
    like this assuming i had all the parts?

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    I reckon it is a 27mm. Am I assess?

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    they are necessary to do the job right.

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    What bike did you do this for? and what year?