Tank Paint Pro™ — The Ultimate in Motorcycle Tank Paint Stands


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    New video on airbrushing your dirt bike gas tank from the those at Tank
    Paint Pro. I found your information on your website

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    Tank Paint Pro™ – The Ultimate in Dirt bike Tank Paint Stands
    This new method of holding a dirt bike gas tank is unique in the sense
    that all painted surfaces of a tank are accessible to the painter. Using
    the Tank Paint Pro™ you can rotate the dirt bike gas tank nearly both the
    horizontal and the vertical axis.
    By attaching the tank with one of the Bung Devices, the painter can paint
    and detail all exterior surfaces without the need to physically touch the
    dirt bike gas tank. The Tank Paint Pro™ is US and International Patent
    The Tank Paint Pro™ comes complete with the RH threaded tank adaptor, two
    sizes of Expandable tank adaptors all the hardware to assemble and get
    ready to paint in just minutes.
    Painting a dirt bike gas tank just got a whole lot simpler when you use the
    Tank Paint Pro™. This is a superior paint stand that allows you to
    airbrush custom graphics with ease. Imagine being able to hold, paint, and
    position the gas tank in any position you want.
    Additional adaptors are available. Don’t forget to add the removable
    Fairing Stand Brackets and the additional Helmet Head Holder.

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    Hi Marcus that unit is 299.00 and info can be found in the Video

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    That’s fantastic now what’s the pricing for the unit