Water Fuel Technology For Everyone. AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel Systems.


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    Video counter 13:15 at that rate is not producing Nowhere near 1 Liter per
    minute as claiming 2 Liters per minute. The have fun speaking in the
    video mentions water vapors entering the engine. The water vapors entering
    the engine under farthest heat from gas expands increasing the
    compression. If HHO Gas is mixed with water vapors it will be neutralized
    previous to reaches the engine. What is doing most of the work is the water
    vapors not HHO Gas. If you do not believe me run HHO Gas down a Clear Hose
    and very small amount compressed air with water vapors and then try
    lighting the end of the hose you will get unquestionably nothing not even a

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    Hi 150milespergallon. I am looking seriously at the Aquatune for my Ford
    Fiesta. I notice you have extra generators. Why did you add them, What
    effect did it have and was it worth it by comparison with the release
    generator. Fantastic video thankyou. Paul

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    I Dunno. Sounds like a lot of snake oil to me.

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    Hi there, Im newbie for this technology. Just one unadorned question, should
    you subdue use fuel (gas) after you install this equipment? Thank you.

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    I live in Canada and we get a excellent deal of weather where temperatures are
    below freezing. I am curious to know how this system would work under
    freezing conditions.

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    Do you have any patents on those “capacitors” that i can see ?

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    There are many companies out there guaranteeing fuel efficiency using HHO
    Gas. Does your device come with a six-month Moneyback Guarantee for
    unremitting fuel efficiency. What I mean is if any time during the six
    months this device fails to go as promised for unremitting fuel
    efficiency do you offer a complete moneyback guarantee?

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    Improved hydrogen system for running your vehicle. Will they allow it –
    oh no.

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    i am no expert on cars or new technologies for cars, but can you use this
    system for habitual fuel cars or can these only be used with hybrid engines?
    my car is a 1990 Alfa Romeo 164 3lt V6

    thank you

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    I got off the buzz with Nick, what a fantastic guy fantastic info and they have a
    new unit that you can dial it in. Really nice. I’m getting one as soon as I
    can. Thanks for the video and excellent luck. a 30% increase in fuel econ .. By
    the way the Police Departments are putting them in there cars.. follow the
    money.. really. 

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    you are very clear…and helpful…congratulations…Pete

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    How much time does it take to empty the 2l water tank ?

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    I don’t reckon it’s doable to “weaken” a covalent bond. It’s like saying
    you can “weaken” gravity or surpass yet, “weaken” the hardness of a

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    very fascinating, thanks

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    Wouldn’t a hydrogen fuel car be so explosive in case of accidents?

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    Water Fuel Technology For Everyone. AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel Systems. 

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    cute So this kind of thing does work.

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    Hi 150milespergallon. I am very interested in this system for my honda
    civic, but I’ve been researching about this product, and I can’t find
    whatever thing but negative reviews about the aqua tune system. Why? What do you
    feel about it?

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    Want to have one in my car, but how do you clarify this thread on
    this forum:


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    Connect a Drain hose from your A/C line to the Distilled Water section that
    should refill your Water :)

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    where I find this kit or where I buy

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    Hi there! where can we buy this hydrogen generator system?

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    how much did you pay for this system?

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    this is really awesome, like it!
    so my question: why would you keep using gas if the engine can run on
    hydrogen by itself?
    or did you already knew that but just wanted to make a step closer to
    making it gas free?