Alpinestars GLOVE CELER BK 3X


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    Well-crafted but…, October 16, 2015

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    If this item did fit, I would’ve kept it, but the entry of the glove was too
    small for my hand to get through – could not place it on at all, so I returned it.
    The next size up would be too huge, but this glove has surpass protection for
    the ulna bone (compared to the Dainese Frazer, where it’s subdue covered,
    just not as robust).

    Other than that, I can tell it was well-crafted and the protection would be
    there. Instead, I bought a Dainese Frazer Glove. It barely fits, but has
    been stretching gradually to make it simpler to get my hands through.

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    Only one day of riding now and the glove feels fine. I can really feel the air moving through …, November 14, 2015
    JeffK (Santa Cruz, CA USA) –

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    I had to return the glove because the glove was next to impossible to get on. The size chart indicated I should order a generous but that size finished up being undersized. I have returned the item back through Amazon and had proposed to buy X-Generous through Amazon but finished up at a local dirt bike store and learned that even the XL was too small. Turns out that the XXL finished up fitting so I just bought them from the local store. Only one day of riding now and the glove feels fine. I can really feel the air moving through the finger perforations, fantastic for warmer days. As such, I don’t reckon this would be the ideal glove for very cold days.
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Fantastic snug fit! Surface material early to peel., September 11, 2017

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    I like the smaller fit. I expect leather goods to be tight at first and break in over time. Fantastic snug fit that really molded to my hands.

    Only complaint is that the surface material on the leather has started to peel off… idk what’s up with that. Maybe it’s the buzz touch screen material?