LTPDC2000D Lotos Pilot Arc IGBT 50A Plasma Cutter /200A Tig/Stick Welder with Stick Aluminum Feature


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    Excellent and terrible, November 14, 2013

    This review is from: LTPDC2000D Lotos Pilot Arc IGBT 50A Plasma Cutter /200A Tig/Stick Welder with Stick Aluminum Feature (Misc.)
    This is as honest as one can be. While I didn’t buy my LTPDC2000D from AMAZON, but another dealer, I was quite impressed….at first. I am not a professional fabricator or welder, and am subdue in the learning stages. The first thing I did after setting up the machine was to make several cuts in 1/4 steel with the plasma cutter. I was very impressed. The next thing I did was to try some welding with the stick welder. I have to say the only stick welding I’d done prior to this machine was on an ancient ancient (like 1928 ancient) A/C unit of a friends. (I usually MIG) I found that arresting an arc with this machine is much simpler, and it has plenty of fire to get the job done. I simply have to hone my welding skills. I have not tried tig yet for 2 reasons. 1 I’ve never tig welded, and 2 I don’t have an Argon bottle. I’m sure it will be fine.

    Now for the parts I don’t like:
    A propos the Plasma function:
    1. Some descriptions say it can severance cut up to 1″ steel. I’ve cut up to 3/8″ but can’t penetrate 1/2″.
    2. The consumables are specific to the machine, and IMHO not cheap. ($99 for a set of 15 nozzles, and electrodes along with 10 cups. The guide is flimsy and slides on the cup, causing difficulty for the novice to maintain distance. This can distroy the nozzle and electrode.
    3. It does not cut material sizes as confirmed.

    A propos the Stick welding function:
    1. The welding leads are barely usable part. You really need at least 10 extra feet minimum.

    A propos the company
    1. The owners manual says to contact LOTOS after testing the machine and receive 20 free consumables. I’ve contacted them twice via email about that and some questions about the performance of the machine, even giving my buzz # without response.

    2. They state a 3 year warranty, but I’m not sure how excellent that will be if they don’t respond to emails.

    Again, I am not a professional fabricator, and a pro may be able to deal with the items I see as shortcomings, these are just my opinions. But, a company not responding to a customer’s emails is not acceptable.


    I’ve been in contact with the company via another ID. It would appear that these machines are being sold through different distribution points and use different ID’s. I made contact via the “ubargain” id used with ebay. I was told that there was a “glitch in the system” that made communication trying. One of their email addresses use gmail; external to any “system”. They were but appologetic and responded to several issues. Basically an acknowedgement that communicating could be an issue, at least via email. I must state I did not try communicating by buzz .

    As far as the offer of free consumables, it was clarified that in order to receive them one must place a 5 star rating here and link the page back to the company. I clarified that imho that was akin to buying votes in an election. It could be an explaination for all the 5 ratings (except mine). Their response was to thank me for feedback and that I made some excellent points. I will let you as the consumer choose if you want paid with freebies in exchange for high ratings.

    I will say in all fairness that I am so far reasonably pleased with the machine at least for the limited time I’ve used it. My issues with the machine are design issues not functionality. I will update when new consumables are received to retest the cutting capability. If the machine lasts without breakdown, it will be a very excellent deal. If it does break, we will test the warranty, and go from there.

    update 2
    Since Lotos insists that consumables be ordered from them to maintain warranty, I did so and ordered a set through Amazon, hoping to find surpass results on the plasma cutting, and give a more positive report. Unfortunately after setting them aside until I had time to deal with them I’ve found the incorrect ones were sent. There are differences in the nozzles, and Mosaictech (or who ever they call themselves this week) sent the incorrect ones. I now have $100 worth of consumables meeting here unusable. I’ve contacted Amazon today to try to resolve the issue, since the product was bought through them, even though shipped by Mosaictech. My scheme has been delayed further by this and does not make me a pleased camper. Stay tuned to see if these people can make a satisfied customer out of me or tick me off even more.


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    Expected a lot less then what I got!, December 10, 2012
    Vex (CA) –

    Verified Buy(What’s this?)
    This review is from: LTPDC2000D Lotos Pilot Arc IGBT 50A Plasma Cutter /200A Tig/Stick Welder with Stick Aluminum Feature (Misc.)
    General Engineering Contractor. Bought as a unadorned cheap portable unit for emergency use when my main welder or professional subs weren’t available. Thought it was DOA and just another cheap unit on delivery as the power button light didn’t work and there was a missing adapter. The unadorned but extremely friendly and responsive help line sent replacements straight away and now that I’ve used it for plasma cutting and SS welding I’m really impressed at it’s power. The accessories I consider to be basically free and expected them to be cheap and I would replace them with my own but they really work very well. For the money this is fantastic unit and a lot surpass then I would have expected.


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    NOTE: I was given nothing for this review, December 30, 2013
    King Lerch (Ohio USA) –

    This review is from: LTPDC2000D Lotos Pilot Arc IGBT 50A Plasma Cutter /200A Tig/Stick Welder with Stick Aluminum Feature (Misc.)
    I know that some people were given free consumables for their review, but I bought my welder off eBay so this review is unsolicited.

    As far as I can tell, this is a re-branded Chinese welder, and this welder (at least the consumables) can be found cheaper from web sites such as which sends directly from China. The manual is also extremely lacking for such a high-powered and potentially perilous tool. There is some *fantastic* information in the manual, but so much is missing such as how to hook up the air hoses, what the parts are and when to use them (several sizes and interchangeables are included), how to adjust the plasma guide, how/when to use the air regulator/filter, how much house current is needed for what task (in case you do not have the full 27A 240V) etc. I mean, this unit has just 3 functions. All it would need would be 3 hookup diagrams and a parts list with photos. “well, it only seems to fit there” or “they must be talking about this part” isn’t a fantastic way to use a product such as this. I also found that my TIG set on fire’s button was jammed (not inspected) and I had to partially disassemble it to get it to function.

    But, this unit has been nothing but reliable for me so far. You can’t *really* hook things up incorrect, I don’t reckon. With a small help online, you can find out just about whatever thing you need. The plasma set on fire is develop #SG-55A (similar I assume to the SG-55) and the TIG set on fire is develop #WP-17. This means that if you want to go against LOTUS advice and buy consumables and spare parts elsewhere (tops, different sized shields, guides, tips, even spare torches and nozzles) all you have to do is match up your set on fire with parts you can find online. I have no wits to believe they would not work just as the more expensive ones from LOTUS would.

    So I can nag, but this welder is a phenomenal deal and being able to buy spare parts and consumables for a song, even from China, is a huge plus for me. I could question for more, and I am sure there are surpass manufacturers, parts, and manuals…but most of them are 5x the price. This one is 4 stars from me.


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