Digi and Footwear Respond to SAO2 Comments!


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    I realize I recorded the video is much too low quality to be readable, but
    you should be able to just listen to this and get the same effect.

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    That Clannad picture is an accurate description of the show.

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    FINE YOU FUCKING LOLICONS, the show with the make-outs is Fate/Kaleid Lier
    Prisma Ilya Zwei. I’m certain you could’ve found that out by googling “loli
    makeout” but there you go.

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    To some degree of relevance, have you seen Extra Credits’s “The Skinner
    Box” analytical video. As a show in general, their a small more abstract
    with their reviews, and they focus on video games more than whatever thing else,
    but the concept of the Skinner Box, as well as the works of certain
    terrible game directors such as David Cage, all utilize concepts that trick
    a player or viewer in the moment to reckon that they care or are having fun,
    (unless said player or viewer is before a live audience/watching very coldly and
    calculatingly) and if people look back, they realize the absurdity of that
    appreciation. This can account for a significant number of shows and games
    that are highly well loved but are complete garbage in the eyes of analysts. 

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    1:02:10 so I’m skipping nearly and I came across this line. “You can’t be a
    fan of Sword Art Online, and pay attention.” I hope that was the alcohol

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    “im not gonna respond to these videos cause i dont wanna look like a dick”

    YOU ALREADY FUCKING LOOK LIKE A DICK and there are two very vital
    reasons why you look like a dick even if you say you dont

    1: you ignore the smart comments that pick apart the bull shit you say, and
    dont even try to fucking deny that you did this, since in this video you
    flat out say you only gonna look at the comments that pissed you off

    2: you twisted the fucking comment section off, no mater how much you try to
    not look like a dick or pussy now, because you did that you are instantly
    discredited, turning off your comment section is one of the worst fucking
    things you can do, in fact it makes you look like more of an asshole
    because its like saying “oh and by the way only my prospective maters yours
    don’t get to be heard” im sorry but that is insulting 

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    Let me first state I like your content, and this video is hilarious. I come
    here for the raunchier, more visceral content you have to offer, so I
    expect that.

    But, the friend you have with you, as of an hour into the video, is
    contributing nothing except for a body to bounce your rant off of in real
    time. Some of his comments were amusing, like “Well that comment is a rubiks
    cube!”, but after a while the shine wears off, and the racist, homophobic,
    unprovoked vitriol makes it really hard to sit through. No amount of
    vehemence, justified or otherwise, of the complete moronic comments makes
    that kind of attitude or response acceptable.

    Everything you had to say was fantastic though! 23:19 is probably my pet
    fucking response ever. Laughed so hard.

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    the comments are disabled, you ruined all the fun.

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    Oh god, what am I doing with my life? I watched the entire video! 

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    i usually just trudge through an anime hoping it gets surpass. i mean, one
    cut would be nearly my least pet if i started from the beginning.
    but i just CANNOT place up with infinite stratos, Oh! samurai girls, k-on,
    and i’m very close to dropping hit on titan 

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    It’s your own fault for people not understanding it’s just your attitude.
    You should have had it on paper several times in the discription, had “this
    is my opinnion” flashing at the bottom of the screen the whole video, and
    every 30 seconds paused the video to scream “attitude! attitude!”. You really
    can’t be upset people didn’t know that it’s an attitude cut.

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    The music was pretty excellent, and some of the character designs were awesome,
    (SAO Asuna and GGO Sinon) but other than that, I thought the show was
    complete shit.

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    I cannot possibly reckon of a more egregious example of the pot calling the
    kettle a nigger than digibro calling people perverts for liking loli.

    Speaking of which, did you ever do that q & a you were talking about a
    couple months back digi?

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    And after that day… He had a honestly generous concussion from the headbanging
    during the complaints about finding blatantly confirmed facts…

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    You’re just mad jelly that people make more on patron than you but have
    less subscribers.

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    The insane troll logic of “you’re an asshole, keep your attitude to

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    This video is fucking hilarious. Not just because Digi’s had to place up with
    so many insensitive idiots but Jesse added a lot of random jokes and shizz,
    mainly the Clannad + Knuztzum or whatever being testicle crabs doesn’t
    get ancient. I fucking died. XD So anime directors, staff and what not are all
    crabs. Literal crabs. 

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    I realize from this video that you’re not exactly keen on reading/replying
    to comments on ancient videos, but FYI dislikes are really just as excellent for
    your preside over as upvotes; youtube doesn’t count if you liked or disliked a
    video, it simply takes it as activity and and gives it higher priority to
    be shown.

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    “This guy just wants to fuck his sister”, It’s like the Alfheim arc in

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    Youtube should throw in a few features.

    >A filter that detects whichever key words or phrases you determine should
    snag the comment and give the writer a little pop up that reads, “There’s
    already a comment saying that, yo!’
    >Option to set comments to a *whitelist*

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    Weep porn?????
    You must be very drunk! 

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    I like this video! Ha I wish more anime review type youtubers did this.

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    I went out and watched both parts just to watch this video.
    Hearing you and Jesse talk together fills the void that game grumps used to
    fill for me.

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    Digi, your high energy fury is incredible! So much fun to listen to! You
    should yell at least as much as the Horseshoeman does! 

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    I feel so terrible for some of the people who commented and were on that video.
    This is just sad to watch… (._.)