How to Choose the Right Life Jacket


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    I didn’t see any of the PFDs demonstrated to have crotch strap which is
    most vital for it to stay and not slip away from the trunk. Turbulent
    waters and extra body movement can place you in a precarious situation.

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    Exceptional information! I’ve been researching life jackets for hours today,
    and this really narrowed down my search. 

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    Awesome, I needed the info. On my way to ur store at 163erd Street/Biscayne

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    Fantastic and very useful video.

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    Hi! This was sort of an oversight. We obviously recommend that children 12
    and under wear a life jacket (its the law, of course) and that older
    children do so, as well. There are three sizes for kids’ life jackets,
    identified by the weight of the kid: 0-30#, or Infant; 30-50#, or Child;
    and 50-90#, or Youth. After 90#, kids end up wearing small adult life
    jackets. One of my youngest daughters was really the develop on a life
    jacket hang tag when she was about 9 years ancient. Pleased boating!

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    I was very impressed with this life jacket video. I mainly loved the
    segment on the pet life vests. I was, but, disappointed that infant
    life jackets were left out of the video. I assume that West Marine must
    make some. I wonder way this vital type of life jacket was left out.

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    We’re trying to make playlists whenever doable. For example, we’ve place
    our bottom paint and inflatable boat videos into playlists. Thanks for the

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    LOL I bet, she didn’t look pleased at all. I really like that you guys are
    putting videos in most of the products in the website. I want to see
    a playlist just for Kayaking related items.

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    Exceptional presentation! Has anyone seen the the new style of life jacket
    being introduced to the market. It’s called an EBBS -Electronic Body
    Buoyancy System. There is a YouTube video if you search for it and its
    looks like an awesome product. It retrofits into manual and self inflating
    jackets and basically monitors what deepness of water you are in and will
    allow you to fall overboard and swim back to the boat without inflating. If
    you go blow 3ft it will automatically inflate.

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    This is a fantastic overview. EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH THIS.
    Thank you WestMarine!

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    Very excellent video. I like his face when he talk about bringing a cat on
    board. LOL

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    Exceptional presentation

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    @ModelosPR Her name is Michelle, and she basically clawed me all the way
    from home to the harbor, and back. She would be a terrible cat to have on a
    boat based on her skill to go on car rides!

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    Yay it’s awesome

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    That’s a fantastic thought. The YouTube interface doesn’t allow us to sort the
    videos in many ways, or at least we haven’t figured out how to do it, but
    if you go to the West Marine web site, you can select Boats and Outboards,
    then Kayaks and Canoes, then select all products with a video.
    Unfortunately, we really don’t have many videos for kayaks as you can see,
    although the Prowler Kayak Video is one of our most well loved with 89,000
    views. Must be Dave, the guy who’s in it with me!