How to Properly Paint a Motorcycle or car For Less Than $100


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    Sorry,but I stopped watching at the fibreglass repair.Fibreglass is not
    plastic,and is not a permanent repair.Plastic welding is the only right
    permanent repair and is not trying with a soldering iron and plastic
    pieces.You know when the plastic starts to flex,it will part company with
    with the fibreglass,Might not be tomorrow,or next week,but it will
    happen.If you’re gonna rub the panel right back for primer and paint,you
    might as well get it done then.Anyone who is thinking of doing a repaint
    themselves,must be confidant they can carry it out,so a bit of plastic
    welding should be relatively simple for them to do.This is not meant to be a
    criticism,and I apologise if this is how it comes across

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    This video is exceptional but excellent paint, Like polyurethane PPG is not cheap
    and cost more than 100 dollars. I have been weighing getting chinese
    fairings of simply painting my own fairings but too many people complained
    about the lack of excellent fit in the chinese fairings.

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    your a fuckn idiot!!

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    I just had a couple questions. Did u uses any primer or and product that is
    used to prepare plastic for paint, and if you did what where they? And when
    you sand with the 2000 sand paper is it wet sand or dry sand? Thanks 

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    Awesome. Clear and to the point. Thanks.

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    Nice work, man!!!

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    damn bro that shit is so damn badass!!!! nice job man!! idk how the hell or
    why the hell 54 people would thumbs down this video!! there fucking

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    fascinating points ,if anyone else wants to uncover best way to spray paint
    a car try Alkarno Spray Paint Alchemist (do a google search ) ? Ive heard
    some fantastic things about it and my m8 got fantastic results with it.

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    How do you do a flat black? I want the smooth feel but not the shine! 

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    usefull video 

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    Just a friendly tip man, I use a small paint brush to apply the Resin on
    FiberGlass, and place a light coat on first, that will hold the material in

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    Not terrible bro looks excellent

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    Can you guys believe people charge $500+ for painting your tank lonely?

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    Irrevocably I found a excellent explination on how to paint a dirt bike with a low
    financial statement! Huge thanks bro! And nice bike too

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    Fantastic DIY Paint video. 

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    Nice moccasin/slippers. If I want a flat/not glossy end, how would I achieve
    this, just not use compound? Also, I have an air compressor, but do not
    have a paint attachment. Can you recommend a decent one that won’t break
    the bank? Last question, where did you get your paint? Thanks.

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    Thanks from a Newbie. Very helpful. 

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    do you have a cbr 600?

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    you make mcgyver look like a novice! fantastic vids brother!

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    yes you do,and its a f develop

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    Fantastic job! Thank you for allotment.

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    No clar coat?

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    spray adhesive to hold fiber not glossy in place is an simple way to do it…..
    nice job and your very knowledgeable and i learned a few things here with
    sanding technique

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    First of all: thank you so much for taking the time to post this well
    thought out instructional. I really appreciate it. I watched bc I’m
    clueless about this stuff. I tried to find a “Paint spray gun with water
    filter” on Harbor Freight but that search came back with nothing. Do I need
    any excellent gravity fed paint gun, or must it be HVLP? And does the paint gun
    come with the water filter or is that something I add on? I’m also confused
    by exactly what type of paint to buy. Thanks again!