How To Shave Down Your Dirt Bike Seat


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    The shiny on top seat looks fantastic! Thanks for the video. My goal is to fit my 5′
    4″ wife to a 2006 YZ250. I’m reading about the lowering link, and front
    fork shortening too, but others are quick to comment that this “ruins” the
    bike. Adam would you care to comment a propos lowering the suspension too?
    How about lowering the suspension a small bit? My wife will trail ride.
    She will rarely get the wheels of the ground. Or would a TTR-125 be a
    surpass bike for her? TTR weight = 195lb. 2006 YZ250F = 206lb.

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    How many bikes do you need lol 

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    I did this to 2 of my seats one on a kx80 and now a yz125.. To smooth it
    out use an angle grinder is a lot quicker! Aside from that nice work

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    Thanks! This is the best seat shaving tutorial I have seen.

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    also WAY surpass looking , not that it has enything to do on a examination or
    cross terf but…. 

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    gotta do what u gotta do but when u lower the seat ur causing the rider
    (when they’re small already) to haveta proffer their arms upward toward the
    bars instead of being up above the front end and being able to have a
    hit/guard stance so even tho now he can stop and place his feet down and
    not fall over i reckon its simpler to just teach yourself to ride that way
    instead of making the modification but of course yoru skill level and your
    intentions are going to make a huge difference. thats my 2 cents but excellent
    video and <3 dirtrider mag

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    i like this guys sense of humour

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    Plz make somethong like “how to make a step seat like RV2″ Plz!!!

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    Those bikes in the back look dreadfully nice

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    Time to get ready for the upcoming season.

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    I believe the shaving tool is a drywall rasp

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    fantastic vid thank you! I despise being small…