Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack

Full demonstration &#959f m&#1091 0.00 hydraulic dirt bike Jack.
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    For all the Aussies watching you can pick these up from Super Cheap Auto
    stores, they call it an ATV lift. Picked mine up on special for nearly $100

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    Thanks for the vid…I got one of these for Christmas…and didnt know
    exactly how to use it.fantastic recommend

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    Hiya mate, looks like a nice bit o’ kit and like the bike! When you’re
    jacking it up, how do you know where to place the jack, in regards to closer
    to front or back of the bike? Is it just best guess for the center of the
    thing or is there a trick to make sure you’ve got in dead center? Thanks
    mate! Ride safe!

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    Hey there,

    Do you reckon this jack is excellent for long time storage? I mean 6 months or


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    Wow that ujoey is a right tool. Looks like it does the job just fine to me,
    may invest in one myself! 

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    Nice. I was unsure how to use it, since I just got it and now I know.

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    thanks for allotment Mate

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    got a mini heart hit when I saw you lifting your bike up without the
    protection lip down XD

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    Excellent one!

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    Thanks for posting this. I have been riding and wrenching for a while now
    but never had a jack. Bought one tonight so hopefully my first job (rear
    shocks on my Vulcan Classic 1500) go smooth. Glad to see you are riding
    with a gremlin bell too.

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    Hi mark, here is a fantastic tip, after jacking up bike place a bottle jack
    under each foot peg, then no way it will fall, my mechanic mate does this
    every time, thanks for clip

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    Hi tthank U for the vid. Do you reckon that jack stand is safe enough for
    working with the bike while it´s standing up there?

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    Can it be wheeled nearly once it’s on the jack?

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    Quiero uno de estos!!!

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    I dread for your bike just by watching you jack it up

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    Hydraulic Dirt bike Jack
    Full demonstration of my $150.00 hydraulic dirt bike Jack.

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    I bought the same jack at a store called Canadian tire. It was on sale for
    $49.99. I jack a boulevard C90T. Like you said, the trick is finding the
    sweet spot, so that the bike is balanced.

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    G’Day Dan, Fantastic to hear mate! Cheers… Mark

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    Yeah your right about that! I let the man at the tyre shop do that! :-)
    Cheers… Mark

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    G’Day mate, thanks and that is exactly what I reckon. Cheers… Mark

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    G’Day mate, WOW that’s a fantastic price… excellent onya! Cheers… Mark

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    Thanks mate! Cheers… Mark

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    That doesn’t look stable enough to endure my work induced temper tantrums.

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    Thanks mate! Yes you can wheel the bike nearly on it, you just need a
    honestly smooth floor and just be careful if the bike is not strapped to the
    jack. The wheels work fine under the wieght. Cheers… Mark