Delboy’s Garage Project Bandit, ‘How-To’ Re-cover a Motorcycle seat.


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    Thanks for the videos Delboy. I’ve watched many of them over copious
    I have a buddy that we’ll say just had fire hurt to his scoot. His
    saddle, near the apex/tank was burned through to the foam (the foam is fine
    oddly enough). I want to make a custom soft face mask, so I have bought
    some upholstery leather. Using the leftover material, I plot on patching
    his saddle, and add some custom stitching to it. How do you propose I bond
    or attached the leather to the vinyl? 

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    ….I’ve just sent for a new cover for my Hornet…and I’m terrified in
    case I made a rat’s arse of fitting it…but this has helped a lot, so
    thanks! On the e-bay site they mention using a hairdryer to soften the seat
    plastic first to help with the staple penetration.

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    doing mine today, new i had seen you do it…. thanks dell 

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    Just found this vid and like it!! Given me inspiration to do my own here in
    Oz. I would have place a small split tubing over the front edge to ensure
    the cover won’t be split again by that edge… Cheers and well done!

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    Thanks man, your vids have seriously helped me out. I’ve managed to change
    my breaks and a host of other maintains eve was done using them as guides,
    I appreciate you making them. Another question: how often is it necessary
    to adjust the valves? My 1997 bandit 1200s is approaching 57K miles and I
    picked it up when it had 51K, without adjusting the valves so I’m concerned
    that in addition to the oil changes and chain tension readjustment that
    it’s coming up to that time I’ll have to give the valves some TLC. Thank
    you in advance 

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    Thanks for the tips and videos. I will certainly be recovering the seat
    on my R1. 

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    Do you reckon that by taking the skin off the foam will go flatter, sooner?

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    Hey delboy, where can I order those blow bars you have on that gorgeous

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    Upholstering seats is trying. There will be cursing and second set of
    hands is much wanted. But it’s incredible how it does come together once you
    get the hand of it.

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    I’ve done my seats many a time over the last 30 years but I learned
    something, I never realised that it was doable to make the foam softer,
    always something to learn in this life!

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    ED USA

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    a couple of dollars will get you a small magnetic parts tray. that will
    help keep staples nails etc concentrated. As a backup I got a handled
    magnetic bar between two wheels that acts like a ” mine sweeper” for the
    shop floor, and driveway. A neighbor had a roof done, and the sweeper was a
    tire saver. 

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    At the start of video u showed a hair dryer but u didn’t use it…is it

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    haha okay thanks Del! Ill have a look at upholsterers in the area :’) fantastic

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    Fantastic stuff Delboy. Here’s an thought for all those upholsterer’s out there
    who may have scoffed at your abilities. Why not post a YouTube response
    video screening how an upholsterer would do it, so we can all learn by your
    example. It’s simple to tear down work someone else has done, much harder to
    be corrective and constructive. Delboy, I reckon you did a fantastic job!

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    Fantastic guide dude! I’m just about to redo my seat as duct tape isn’t working
    any longer and the tips on this video helped alot cheers!

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    got mine to do at some stage but it can wait for now… just as a small
    tip i tried on another seat of similar design which might help.. the front
    edge as you mentioned is really quite sharp and i used several lengths of
    gaffer tape across the front edge of the plastic to soften it abit… did
    that seat about 3 years back and the lad who has the bike subdue has the
    same cover on and no sign of splitting…need to sort out a staple gun as
    being a hamfisted bugger i would end up using nails haha

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    Thanks mate, appreciate you watching.. Del.

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    Thanks mate, i guess the proof is in the eating….its subdue on there and
    not one bit of it has lifted….thanks for watching.. take care. Del.

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    Cheers mate, excellent luck with the seat, there’s nothing surpass than doing
    something yourself, as even if you balls it up you can buy a pre-made seat
    cover like I did here and just staple that on instead… excellent luck with it,

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    Never mind, have another go mate, take your time and you’ll get it right…
    excellent luck with it.. Del.

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    Hi Alex…lots of luck with the leather mate, its no amateurs game that.!
    Even upholstery guys will need a few years experience and some talent to
    get a leather seat right. It wont stretch like you said, but you do have to
    stretch it in the right places to get it to sit right on the foam, and the
    pro guys will use a steamer to get it to go and soften…also it has
    “Memory” and will stay where it stretches most, meaning you’ll get a saggy
    middle unless you make a 101% job of it..excellent luck, Del

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    now i know why you edited your , i was cussing like a excellent un , i reckon i
    had pre cut for diff bike what a struggle, but its on there looks ok , i
    had to buy another staple gun as would u believe i chucked others out and a
    spare seat as well , keep up excellent work

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    @adaml2012 Hey, its fantastic when it worls like that, im glad the video can
    help you out, thats exactly why i post them up, excellent luck with it, its
    fantastic fun and rewarding too…. take care.. Del.

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    You’re welcome Jack, hope it goes well mate.. Del.