Harbor Freight Motorcycle Jack


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    I’ve looked and looked and looked. I found an ancient antique steam engined
    dirt bike. I found a diesel powered bike… There’s even some new high
    tech electric machines that are quick! I just can’t find a release gol durn
    bike that burns rice. That fastidious 113 cu inch V-Twin burns Premium
    gas to give me 89+- Hp, 110 ft lb of Torque and a top end north of
    120… I’ll keep her… and it don’t matter to me who built her… they
    done a excellent job. :)

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    thanks man

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    Hi Brian seems to me the engineering on the jack is not very professional
    you should buy one of mine is heavy duty and can lift nearly 600 kilos my
    jacks soon will be on the net made specially for Harleys and dono rock like
    that one you have mine are very steady I am in Australia here most jacks
    are from china rubbish I am a first class welder and I know very well what
    bikers want ok anyway I would take it back and tell them the problem all
    the best Joe

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    It’s a fine bike Japanese manufactures make some excellent ones! I’ve got an ancient
    85 honda shadow with 42k miles on it and I tell you it looks pretty worse
    for wear (because of weather) in some spots. but the chrome is shiny, the
    seat has smallest wear, and it’s spent its ENTIRE life outside in the rain
    and snow of Kentucky. It’s 30 degrees outside right now and I could go out
    there pull the choke and she’ll start right up, I could then ride her about
    500 miles give or take and she’d subdue be excellent!

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    Hey Flipper… the Jack looks excellent but maybe it’s because so much is
    aluminum? that it flexes a bit too much for me?

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    Hey Brian, its flipper from the RAIDER forum. thanks for the vid was
    looking for a jack for the bike.

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    I don’t like harleys and I don’t like maroon whatever thing. Hey, is that a rice

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    Well said Sir

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    Fantastic solution!

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    Yeah it’s a yamaha raider…