Motorcycle Lift demo from Harbor Freight


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    Cool down artful the man never claimed hardcore whatever thing did he? What type
    of bike do you ride? Or tv do you own or the vehicle you drive??? One can’t
    run away 100% perfectly from buying foreign whatever thing. What about the
    Jap/Chinese computer your on reading this and enjoying trying to tear the
    man down for a bike preference? You must be a liberal…

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    Excellent review.

    I always delight in the irony of “hardcore” prideful American Harley
    guys with their communist made Harley electronics and Chinese made jacks
    and parts. All while they wave an American flag made with pride in China.

    Murica ! Fuck Yeah!

    Excellent thing you have a sterile well finished garage floor. Watching you go
    that tank nearly was like waiting to see a Darwin award about to be handed
    out. Not for me or mine, but excellent show.

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    What’s the develop number for that jack

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    Looks excellent. Would you trust it to hold the bike for long term winter

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    Nice Review

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    I received the same jack for Christmas to lift a Heritage Softail Classic
    and seeing you go your bike nearly makes me feel a whole lot surpass!
    Thanks for the demo!