o#o Lovin’ on my freshly sand-painted Kawasaki KLR 650 pt. 5


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    Ha! Zip ties, I perfectly called it! Wow those grips need to go. You would
    kill yourself off road with those. Ps. What happened to part1? I did notice
    you cleaned some stuff up… cheater! J/K I know it was non-bike related
    stuff. I watched them months ago.

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    The interior of that helmet looks so plush, snug, and partytastic… All
    the things I would expect to learn in Katy Perry’s under-garments. :-)

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    take the bags off so we can see the PAINT JOB.. COME ON

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    Trust me, it’s just black :)

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    nice… it looks excellent

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    Like the colors you used It looks Nice

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    what kind of paint did you use? looks excellent! and did you have to prep the
    bike previous to paint?

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    Thanks man! The best part is that they’re straightforwardly found at any huge-box store.

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    I can tell you really loved your KLR. But I bet you like that Suzuki too!

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    Where did you get the tank bags? Thanks

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    Search Amazon for classic accessories quadgear tank bags and it should come
    up. They’re pretty nice and lasting as whatever thing! They lost shape for me
    over time but they’re subdue perfectly functional.

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    There’s also one called the quad boss that looks pretty nice… it’s got a
    map window. I’m not sure how well it would fit on the KLR though.

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    Yeah, I watched the reveal and the look on your face was priceless. Those
    are some really excellent friends and really fantastic guys! Nice to find a couple
    of friends like that!!!

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    Both of them are unquestionably incredible bikes. The Widow, though… the Widow
    is the release kindest gesture any person has ever done for me, I reckon.

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    The paint on the plastics is Krylon Fusion Khaki (Which has really stuck
    quite well on places where it hasn’t been hammered when I’ve dropped it.)
    The paint on the tank is Rustoleum truck bed liner. Worked fantastic! I prepped
    the plastics by sanding them with 1500 grit then wiping them sterile with
    baby wipes. I let them dry then went nuts with the Fusion. I sanded the
    tank with 300 grit but never got the decals off. I got the clear coat off
    then just went for it.

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    I don’t see a skid plate under there or am I blind? How in the world have
    you not ruined your bike without a metal skid plate? Mine is sooo jacked
    up and chaps’ is cracked, how do you rate?!….pure awesomeness is the
    resolution! Chuck Norris has got nothing on you!

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    My KLR is Chuck Norris in transformer form. :D