Tool Review: Pittsburgh Riding Mower / Atv Lift Jack 60395 / 61523


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    Yep, the HF develop will be the one I buy. I can’t afford the $450-500 for
    the MoJack branded one. 

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    BUYER BEWARE! Largest cut of junk! DO NOT waste your money. I used it
    once on two mowers and the next time I tried it, the hydraulic unit was
    broken. I bled the hydraulics and added hydraulic fluid with no luck. Pay
    for quality and stay away from jacks at Harbor Freight because I’m not the
    first one to have issues either with the mower lift or the dirt bike lift.

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    Damn Jeremy, I didn’t know you were so close. I live in Farmersville. My
    dad has had a shop here since I was born. Keep up the excellent work. 

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    It has a 300 pound lift capacity. That means it will work on a machine that
    weighs 600 pounds because half the weight is on the rear wheels which are
    on the ground and the lift only picks up the other half of the weight. I’ve
    got to get one of these. I run a small engine repair shop and I’ve been
    picking up the front of riding mowers and setting the front tires on two
    cinder blocks stacked on top of each other. It’s killing my back. 

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    saw the Mojack 1 at Rural King for $179 in Niles.

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    I got one of those jacks and so far it has performed as advertised. I left
    the lawn tractor lifted on the jack for three days and it didn’t drop so I
    guess the cylinder is fine. I like the wheels which make it simple to go
    nearly on grass. I am plotting on lifting a J.D. Zero Turn mower next with
    it to take off the blades.

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    Now that you have had it for a while, would you recommend it for the garage
    mower repair person? I’m getting tired of reaching under the deck laying
    on the floor and having to feel my way nearly. 

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    Jeremy, never apoligise, your a working man and youtube is just a leisure activity.

    That looks fantastic for the price, im sure you will add some packing washers
    here and there to trim the play out of it.

    Everything can be fixed by the mower medic :-))

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    Family comes first, take a break whenever you need (:

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    Something you should do is install some straps on that to hold the tires
    onto those pads, you don’t want that thing slipping out of them while you
    are under whatever is on the lift. 

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    So is the lift capacity limited by that hydraulic jack? 300lbs doesn’t
    seem like much, mainly when you get into larger ATV’s or mowers. Would
    like to hear more about this jack after you use it a while. 

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    what do you reckon of this item after having it for a while

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    Gd vid, looks like a nice home shop lift, hope it works well for you for a
    long time

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    For the price you can not beat that. Mean looking quad too. Fantastic tires.

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    No apology needed. I know what you mean, I subdue have to start a video.
    Loved this video. I was looking at this lift for awhile but not sure of
    the quality. Now that you place it together & used it are you comfortable
    working under a lawn tractor with it? 

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    chock the rear wheels an strap in the front so they don’t roll.

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    My philosophy on Harbor Freight stuff is let the pioneers take the arrows
    in the back. So thanks for the tool review. There are some Harbor Freight
    gems out there and I own a few. Like you said for 59 bucks, well let the
    end buyer be the judge. I’d like to see your comments after using it for a
    few months to see if your attitude has changed or is subdue the same.

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    Been thinking about buying one of these for my atv and zero turn mower.
    Best price I have found is $89. You said you got yours for $69 in Nov.
    Should Iwait for a surpass price??

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    i bought one works excellent i would say that its just as excellent as one for

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    Brought this item in August of this year. Like it!! Awesome video BTW.