How-To Lower a Dirtbike With No Additional Parts by


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    Or should this be the same as this video?



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    That is the stupidest thing i have ever see someone do……that will
    soften your suspension SO MUCH, this would only ever be useful if u r a
    light person and don’t ride on tracks nor trails.

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    Following advice from these people could get you seriously injured. Doing
    this compromises suspension action and frame geometry making your
    dirt bike behave in unintended and perilous ways. Do the right thing and
    take out this video.

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    Jamb nut should be called a Lock nut.

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    I have a 2004 and 2003 Kawasaki 250 i need to lower any recommend?

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    For anyone new to the sport do not do any of this. Not only does this lower
    the ride but it affects the handling of the bike. The higher the forks are
    in the triple clamp the slower you have to go. This video is perilous

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    You need to take out this video immediately! This is terrible advice and will
    most likely place someone in the hospital! If you are setting this bike up
    for track or trail it’s going to be a mess because the suspension is not
    setup for the rider. And if you are doing this for the street, raising the
    forks that high is going to cause instability at any speed over 15 mph. I
    can’t reckon of any wits you should do this to your bike, it’s not going
    to be lowered enough to make that huge of a difference, and will increase
    the chances of a blow. If the bike is to huge you have the WRONG BIKE!

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    one question I stand 5’11 I’d like to lift my crf230f and make it sit high
    like a crf250 can I buy a larger shock?

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    Can you do this to the Versus?

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    Do you adjust the front and rear the same distance,or what?

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    How many inches can you lower you’re bike doing this.

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    I would not recommend doing this. This will make your shock not set up
    right for the rider. 

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    same to lower a yz125 2001?

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    How many inches can you lower you’re bike doing this.

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    Thanks you so much for making this video. I am about 5″6 or so and 14 years
    ancient and I just bought a 1998 Kawasaki KX 250 with full FMF exhaust and one
    industries for $1600 (wicked excellent deal) and I have to stand on my tip toes
    on one foot. It sucks. So thanks for the helpful video.

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    thanks for the video.. I never had a bike on the rise up, and just getting
    myself and my 3 kids into it, its all new to me.. needed to lower the rm65
    for my 8 year ancient daughter.. & now I can..

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    i am thinking of getting a yz125 iam 5’4 if i place the suspension to the
    smallest it would go would i fit on it ok. thanks

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    cheers fantastic video, very clear :)

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    How about on a 1990 yz250

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    Tks for responding 

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    Dont do this

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    seems like an inadequate instructional. You’re changing the handling of the
    bike when doing this. they don’t go over the affects this will have. 

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    How can I lower my ATV 

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    can you show us how to lower the dr650se thanks!!! excellent job by the way

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    How to lower front forks on 2013 kawasaki klx250s