How to Restore Faded or Oxidized ATV Plastic – Fast & Easy


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    I’m gonna try this on my 1983 honda dirtbike

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    How long did it stay like that ? 

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    this sucks i thought i was going to save money but finished up bringing up the rear money it
    didnt work at all i used the same brand and the same measurements of
    products but no results DISLIKE

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    For my raptor 700 I used 50/50 mix for my 2002 raptor 660 I used 70/30. Use
    more thinner if the oxidation is more. Fantastic video.

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    Another thing that is quicker cheaper and surpass is what you need is dot5
    brake fluid and a sterile rag place a small of brake fluid on the rag and
    start wiping down your Atv or dirt bike utv whatever your working on to get
    the platics looking excellent again I know it sounds weird and stupid and I know
    probably people in the coments are sayin your a dumass and what are you
    idiotic no ok it works trust me if you want to save money this it the way to
    go you can get the dot5 break fluid at walmart dollar tree dollar genral
    auto zone advaced auto parts trust me have fun :-) 

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    Will white spirits work as paint thinner? 

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    Does this also work for oxidized paint on the roll bars?

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    I tried this on my Jet Ski….. Incredible. It looks New. Thanks for the

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    What is the paint thinner? Sintetic or celulose based? 

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    For my raptor 700 I used 50/50 mix for my 2002 raptor 660 I used 70/30. Use
    more thinner if the oxidation is more. Fantastic video.

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    How long will it stay like that

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    im going to try this on my ancient guns

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    just did this on a 07 KLR650. Not to factory shine and colour but 90%
    surpass than the discolored white oxidized colour it was. Was so pleased with it I
    did the plastics on our 97 CRV and that worked well too.

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    Found this video when looking up oxidized vinyl shutters. Chose to try
    it, as my shutters were so oxidized I was ready to try and paint them. If
    I remember correctly the wits we bought vinyl was so we wouldn’t have to
    paint them! This has worked perfectly. They look groundbreaking new. Thanks!!!

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    a heat gun works too.

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    will this work on a dark green?

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    Thanks – I will try this on my yamaha grizzly 350 with 2500 miles on it. I
    noticed you are in Idaho.. That must be nice .. are you southern or
    northern Idaho? I’d like to go west someday from PA. to counties like
    Custer ,Valley, Shoshone ,Clearwater , Idaho ,Boundary. Idaho is one of the
    few states that doesnt have shale gas wells rapeing the natural
    enviroment. Thanks DW.

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    You can use any oil, motor oil whatever thing. Plastic is made from oil – you are
    putting it back onto the surface

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    Hello, what type of thinner you use, ordinary or acrylic. regards

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    Does it take out scratches too?, I have been thinking about doing this for a
    long time and i irrevocably got the stuff to do it. 

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    I have an 05 Vinson it was appalling. I used this formula with a rag with
    nearly no result. Then I chose to use extra fine steel wool instead. It
    was incredible. My Vinson is now bright yellow as it should be. This is
    certainly certainly worth doing.

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    my 4 wheeler looks a hell of a lot surpass

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    1:37 He says “wet spot”

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    after you sterile it try using some ZEP Wet-Look Floor Polish from Home
    Depot, apply it heavily with a dab making even coats.. allow 15 minutes
    to dry between each coat you will be amazed!!!

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    2 days passed since i used it on my Bashan 300s 4×4 wd ,the plastic looks
    fantastic :-D Thank you !