Motorcycles : How to Replace Motorcycle Seat Covers


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    PART 3 Be nice to eHow.I make 90% of my own covers so I know they will fit.
    Thanks. Hope its helpful. Fire questions , politely please.

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    This more about replacing the seat itself, not the cover.

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    I already know how to use tools. I am looking for tips to replacing the
    actual seat cover not the seat, you twat!

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    I thought I would learn how to reupholster a seat not take it off and place
    it back on.

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    How to take out the seat on a Suzuki SV650, no one call their seat a cover

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    what the hell this is sooo useless!

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    EVERYTHING i ever read or watched from eHow was a TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE waste
    of my time. these guys must reckon they live in a world inhabited
    exclusively by morons, this is downright pathetic

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    You know some one knows what they are talking about when they use stipulations
    like “Plastic thing”…… rofl

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    What a f**king cock

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    Fail! Congratulations you removed your seat. Now go stare in the mirror and
    rub one out. Morons like you shouldn’t even be on a bike.

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    Change your video cover to something like, “How to take out your seat.” Or
    “How to be a jackass.”

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    did u buy that bike new? and how much whaz it

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    @kgriggs8 yah… not so helpful!

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    ya that’s just replacing a seat, not a seat “cover” fix the title man. I
    subdue appreciate your time in making the vid tho.

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    this is only excellent if you want a surpass way to smuggle drugs. but even then
    its not that effective

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    some of you yanks are so gay

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    @kgriggs8 Same here. Fail…

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    why did you even bother making this video? If you don’t know how to take out
    your seat then you should probably just buy a scooter.

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    you sound and look like a unexpected

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    You win the misleading title of the year award. Might as well have been

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    That never said whatever thing about how to change a seat cover. Shouldve been
    entitled how to take out your seat and place it back on cause no one knows how
    to already do that im sure

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    PART 2 Removing the ancient cover is obviously simple but although the new covers
    are made to measure theyre real vex sometimes till you supple them up
    by heating (carefully) I find it best to fleeting staple certain points
    like front and back with a couple of staples then start on a few wide apart
    fixings on the sides til you get the feeling of the end shape.Never be
    worried to take fleeting staples out if theyre not placed right.Dont be
    worried to stretch. Trust me , I`m an upholsterer.Ha Ha.

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    OK In fairness theres a lot of dudes dont know how to take the fairings off
    but, sure, he didnt show you how to use the main tool, the stapler.I do
    tons of bike in my affair and have a compressor and industrial stapler
    but the domestic type will usually be ok but dont use too long staples.For
    one thing the stapler might not be man enough to fire them in and second
    too long staples can go right thru the foam and stick out of the cover at
    the sides. Ouch ! Use 6mm.

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    Why would you title this video as you did??? very misleading… and why
    would you work on your bike with your jacket on??