Sena 20S-01D Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System


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    An incredible Bluetooth intercom set – A must have!, July 7, 2014
    MyKeyReviews (Hampshire, UK.) –

    This review is from: Sena 20S-01D Dirt bike Bluetooth Communication System (Automotive)

    ♦ Brief ♦

    I’ve been riding a dirt bike for the past 5 years now, be it for general commuting or going out for rides with my close friends, though there has always been one real huge issue when riding… communication.

    My friends and I have tried a financial statement radio set previous to, but not only did that rely on pressing a button every time you wanted to talk, which was really impractical I must add, it also lacked in audio quality and picked up other peoples signals.

    Another failed attempt was when my friend was a passenger seating, we used our smartphones with an in-line mic & some earphones, we then called each other previous to setting off. Unfortunately not only was the audio quality poor, the lack of reception caused constant drop-outs… We gave up in the end.

    But with the Sena 20S, everything is connected via Bluetooth, so they’ll be no interference with other devices as they need to be paired together to connect. The connection is also consistently strong from A to B.

    Undoubtedly this is a pretty expensive package, but I can assure you the quality of this product is unquestionably top-notch and certainly reflects in the price-tag, never mind all the features this product has to offer.

    ♦ What’s In The Box ♦

    Because this is a Dual pack, double EVERYTHING below:

    Headset (main unit)* | Helmet Clamp (static boom mic & speakers already connected) | Wired Boom Mic | Wired Mic | Wind Shields for Microphones | USB Cable (for charging & updating firmware) | Car Charger | 2.5 – 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable | Adhesive Mounting Adaptor | Rubber Pads | Velcro Pads | Speaker Pads | Allen Key.

    I really like the design of the headset, it’s small, slimline and is very lightweight. It fits well and looks excellent when mounted onto a helmet.

    ♦ Product Features ♦

    Bluetooth 4.0 | 13 Hour Talk Time & 10 Day Stand-by Time | Up to 1.2 Mile Intercom Array | Group / Multi-way Intercom that can connect up to 8 people! | HD Quality Audio | Audio Multitasking | Voice Commands | Music Allotment | NFC (Quick pairing with compatible devices) | Bluetooth Audio Recording: (Sena (GP10-01) GoPro Bluetooth Pack) | Universal Intercom | FM Radio Tuner | Firmware Upgradable | App Available.

    - Headset ports: Micro-USB for charging & firmware upgrade.

    - Helmet clamp ports: Headphone port so you can use your own* and an AUX port which allows you to plug in an MP3 player for example.

    * When you plug in your own headset, they will have priority over the speakers. You can take out the speakers if you so wanted to.

    ♦ Helmet Attachment Set-Up ♦

    This was a very simple and quick process, should take no more than 5 minutes:

    1) Take-out the left side cheek pads of your helmet (this makes the installation much simpler).

    2) Get the helmet clamp and use the Allen key to loosen the bolts on the clamp, this will allow you to widen the clamp and slip it on to the side of your helmet.

    3) Re-slot in the cheek pads.

    4) Place the speakers into the helmet into an appropriate spot. All helmets are different so you can place them underneath the cheek pads, inside an ear-cut pocket (not all helmets have), or in a arroyo so the speakers wont dig into your ears.

    Out of the three helmets, all three helmets had space for the speakers to be placed.

    5) Click the headset onto the clamp.

    If your helmet is unsuitable for the clamp lonely, there is an adhesive mount included which can be used, but I’ve tried mounting the clamp on three different helmets and none requires the adhesive mount.

    ♦ Intercom & Smartphone Set-Up ♦

    - Intercom via the headsets:

    Very, very unadorned to set-up and there are two ways to pair them:

    1) Turn on both headsets and shake them until both have green flashing LED’s, then press the centre circular button (also known as the jog button) on either one of the headsets.

    2) Turn on both headsets and hold both job buttons for 6 seconds.

    Then to start a connection between the two, on one of the headsets tap the jog button.

    Apparently you can have up to an eight-way conversation, but I couldn’t test this as I only have two headsets.

    The quality you get from both headsets is unquestionably superb.

    - Smartphones / Bluetooth devices:

    The simplest and quickest way is to use NFC if your mobile has this feature. Simply place your devices NFC hotspot onto the back of the headset, within seconds the two should be paired.

    On the other hand hold the headsets buzz button for 5 seconds, then search for “Sena 20S” on…

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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent technology, poor build quality, August 26, 2014

    This review is from: Sena 20S-01D Dirt bike Bluetooth Communication System (Automotive)
    I’ve been using a Sena SMH10 for a couple years and loved being able to straightforwardly listen to music and talk to other riders. Connectivity always seemed to be a pain as we’d spend the first 15 minutes of every ride trying to get everyone paired, so I was excited to upgrade. Unfortunately the build quality of the 20S is too poor to recommend. Either wait for an update or look elsewhere.

    The technology is fantastic. Straightforwardly pair to other riders, very clear communication over quite a distance and if you go out of array it reconnects you as soon as you’re back in array. Speakers are fantastic as is the microphone and audio quality. The app is unadorned but effective. All the technology is fantastic and if this review finished here I’d give it five stars.

    Build quality is terrible. The exterior case came loose within the first four hours of riding making me concerned that the outer shell was going to glide off and at the least the interior was now perfectly exposed to rain. All the small holders where the screws attach had broken. So I super glued it and kept going. After another couple hours I found I was constantly bringing up the rear all sound. I stopped and found the small tab that holds it in place on the docking rank would no longer ‘click.’ No matter how hard I slid it down onto the holder it would not latch so I could only get sound by riding holding the unit onto the dock with my left hand – not the best motorcycling technique. So, now I have a $250 intercom that only works while I’m squeezing it hard and riding one handed. From their forums I learned this was a common problem.

    Since it’s a $250 worthless device right now I should probably give it one star, but the technology was really excellent previous to the plastic parts gave up.

    UPDATE – Sena support did get back to me and replaced the unit. It doesn’t look like whatever thing has changed so I expect the same problems will eventually occur so I’m only taking the unit out of the support when unquestionably necessary and being very careful to compress the unit to take the stress off the clip that holds it in place while releasing it. I loved the skill to quickly take the unit off and on with the previous version to make it simpler to keep it from being stolen or exposed to weather, but the surpass technology of this newer version is way surpass. So it’s a five for intercom/buzz usage, two for the parts attaching it to the helmet and the screws that hold the case together.


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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Fantastic for intercom and do so much more.., August 21, 2014

    Verified Buy(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sena 20S-01D Dirt bike Bluetooth Communication System (Automotive)
    I bought these in time to get them for an extended weekend trip on the motorcycles. My wife and I both ride our own bikes and it’s always been a hassle to organize gas stops, rest breaks, or share things like “Did you see that!?”. These, while they do a whole lot more than just intercoms, performed exceptionally. It seems worth noting that the antennas seem to have a very positive affect on the distance at which the intercoms work. On this trip we were both using full face helmets.

    I personally don’t have all the commands down, but I was able to sync to my buzz, play the radio (although it’s trying to find a radio rank that will come in when you’re in the middle of nowhere), and most importantly converse with the wife while riding. We spent a excellent eight to nine hours with the headsets on (on and in use – this is not counting stops, lunch etc.), her’s at full blast so she could hear over the pipes on her ride, mine, not quite so loud. I listened to the radio, music from my buzz for about half that time, GPS directions the whole time (even made a voice activated buzz call!) and subdue had a charge at the end of the day (how much I do not know). My wife, she listened to music from her buzz the whole way, and, like I said had the speakers up full blast, and her set went dead (battery life) about 20 to 30 minutes from the destination.

    Overall I am very please and am now wondering why I waited so long to buy a set.

    Three “negatives”
    1. I did have some problem getting the headsets to connect, but then I read the directions (oops!).
    2. I couldn’t seem to get the radio to “turn off” once it was on. Unlike the music from the buzz, I could stop and start at will.
    3. My wife’s pipes are *really* loud and I assume the intercoms are “sound activated” because I had constant background noise due to her pipes. But, when she spar, she came through loud and clear above the background noise (seemed more like radio static although I could tell it was from the pipes).


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