WCSS DIY: PWC Seat Cover install


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    Posted 10/21/2014 at 7:36 | Permalink

    those wrinkles in the back look like crap. 

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    if you want to impress us with your covers, use one on a crappy torn seat
    not one thats in exact condition. Who replaces a excellent seat? Show us how
    it loos over on e thats all cracked and discolored and has missing foam

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    what company did you costumize your seats through?

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    We make all the seats at our facility.

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    Except your affect selection does not match the skis and when you order a
    custom cover your salespeople do not clarify this or give any advice. They
    should be trained to send a sample previous to the customer instructions…No affect
    you offered matched my ski’s base affect…pretty sad since you specialize
    in this.

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    @rmartin49 You are always welcome to request samples. We have it posted on
    every page of our seat cover website. It is not up to us to pick your
    colors. We cannot see your ski. This is an aftermarket product not proposed
    to be an exact substitution for OEM.

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    what size staples do you use???

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    How come you don’t pull off the ancient seat cover previous to putting the new one