how the half helmet filming works.avi


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    awesome two how to’s

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    @moose3971 for sure and i totaly for got that i am sorry for your loss

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    @navythomas8 No so far they stay right were I place them, I was really
    surprised, I thought I would have to tie them on.

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    Again, so sorry for your loss, brother. Maybe our Dads are up in Heaven
    having a beer!! Wow, what a brilliant setup for the HH! Somebody call
    NASA!! Really!! Awwww, so sorry about Tinkerbell too! She looks like such a
    sweet dog. Breaks my heart. 18 years for a Terrier is a really excellent run! My
    thoughts and prayers for you and your SO! RSMF!

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    no sliding nearly on them beads?

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    Sorry about your losses .. my JRT just twisted 17 .. Early long distance
    riding .. would you please share the instructions on how to make the wood
    beaded seat . Tks…

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    Glad there was a fantastic turn out for your Father’s memorial. Mike rig is
    very creative! Yeah bringing up the rear a long time pet is like bringing up the rear a family member,
    really sucks. Sterile up your vids? Too late, you obviously went to the NT8
    school of video productions.

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    Cool post Jason.

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    @aeroliner750 Well, it is what it is, no pine-sol air freshener at least.

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    @maikeli7 I am not to sure there is a heaven, but on the off chance I am
    incorrect and there is, I hope they are enjoying something, although my father
    did not drink, he was diabetic, so it would have to be sugar free lemonade,
    that was his pet. I just got done burying Tink, to many roots, then my
    dog got stuck under the shed and I had to dig out the dirt and jack up the
    shed to get her out, I am tuckered.

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    holy cow mon looks like it came out of a N.Y.C. taxi cab

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    @Papa2two Why thank you, nice to be called creative

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    Excellent vid Moose. You’ve got a very creative mind. rsmf…