How to change oil on a 2-stroke motorcycle/ATV- Motorcycle Oil


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    +JOCELYN SARITA Really any 10W-30 or 10W40 engine oil would be fine in that
    bikes transmission. The vital thing is that you change it regularly.
    (10-15 Hours)

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    How often does this need doing on average for a 125cc 2 stroke motorbike?

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    I noticed a leak at the bottom of the motor in front of the drain plug by
    the gasket so I tartan the oil at the check bolt on a cr250 I just
    bought and there was a silverish fluid?What would that be?

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    I have a crf 250 and it’s never been raced. But I ride trails so how often
    should the oil be changed?

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    do u not recommend to run the bike for a bit and stir the oil up to get all
    the solids that have settled to the bottom mixed up with the oil so they
    drain out and i also fid that when the oil is hot you have a surpass chance
    of getting it all out 

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    shoulden’t you start bike and let it run for a minute or 2 previous to changing

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    Hey, fantastic video you made, helped me alot. I just got a yz250 and i was
    wondering what is that oil level check bolt for like is it for when you
    over pour small bit of oil? Also which oil should i use my friend uses atf
    type f everytime and be says its exact. Should i use it? Thanks

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    Where would a tranny bolt be at on a 250 2 stroke honda 2005 trying to help
    out a friend change ?.

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    How can I assess 14ft pounds of pressure for the drain bolt? I don’t have
    one of those wrenches that’ll click when you reach it so I don’t know when
    I’m at 14

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    was wondering which oil to use, if i was going with belray oils
    2006 yz250 -mat

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    What oil should i use for a 2001 honda cr250?

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    On my rm85 after how many hours when should I change the oil

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    do i have to change the oil immediately when i fix my bike (i will get it
    tomorrow) and it’s a 125cc dirtbike

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    Ok thank you

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    what trans oil to use for my 91 kx80?

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    What oil should I use on an 84 cr125r just took the bike in on a trade for
    next to nothing 

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    what kind or oil should i use for my blaster?

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    Help me please, what kind of oil i can use for my honda cr 250 2002. Thank

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    Please help! I have a kx 85 2002 and i havnt rode in 3 months simce i
    changed it and my oil is gone on my tranny please help!

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    I did a change on my 97250 and the oil came out purple ..I use 10w 40 ..

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    Has any one on here heard of google 

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    Would you have any suggested online websites where I can find parts?

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    How many hours until it is recommended to change the tranny oil. And also
    why would my bike hit neutral when i shift into second from first? i heard
    that it could be tranny oil and i should use a lighter weight (75w) oil.

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    I find the type of oil to use confusing my decal on bike recommends 10w 40
    castrol gtz this oil no longer exists only castrol mtx 80w is it ok for me
    to use 10w 40 4 stroke my bike is a 1987 ns125 I’ve heard the incorrect oil can
    hurt my bike

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    tranny oil