New Seat Cover….Cheap and Easy!


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    I have a hard plastic seat and I bought a heavy duty stapler and it didn’t
    work from Home Depot! Not pleased! What kind of stapler are you using?

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    im rebuilding a 1983 cr250r just trying to end the motor and ill be
    doing this with my sear also

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    Nice video man, where do you get the material?

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    he sounds like hank hill

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    Kick ass vid, Im redoing a 85 vulcan, and the seat sux on it, but this
    video helped out alot. No BS, straight to the point. Thanx dude.

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    @BigManlyMan4 …Hey thats a excellent thought….not really a huge deal for this
    bike since I probably wont ride it to hard, but I’ll try that out! Thanks
    for the tip!

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    @jfrost77hd No problem bud, i’ll post some pics of the bike for sure.. take

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    LOL where did the oil leak from? incase you’re not sure about this i’ll
    warn you, the drain plug under the crankcase is NOT the generous 16mm nut near
    the kickstarter, do not loosen that nut or else you will release the
    kickstart return spring inside the engine which means you’d have to split
    the cases to connect it ! not fun.. The drain plug is the smaller
    bolt(sometimes allen head) located near the back away from the kickstart

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    Cool….its cheap and simple!

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    Excellent to know… thanks for adding that for future reference!

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    Alright… sweet man! Glad you got it to work… did you use some of that
    super 77 adhesive?

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    Hey thanks for watching… yeah gotta like the ancient ones!

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    nice job, like the CCR playin in the background too :) i’m gettin ready to
    do the same thing to my honda recon seat, this helped a lot, thanks for

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    @jfrost77hd I did my seat and it twisted out excellent.. I’ll post some pics of
    my 77Qualifier soon.. Get that MX done bud, that bike is a keeper!

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    Nice video – thanks for allotment the info. I’m going to try to do it my self
    also :) Hope it turns out as excellent as yours.

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    @dillinger4875 That’s awesome… glad it helped and hope it twisted out
    nice! Thanks for watching!

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    @bstanko6 Hey glad I could help!

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    Dude you used the slippery vinyl. Your ass will slip nearly so terrible. Next
    time I would use the outdoor grippy vinyl. Also Boston rocks!

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    Okay…I want to upholster a huge three cut corner sofa in red
    vinyl….couldn’t figure out how to get nearly the corners without
    sewing..this video really helps, so thanks.

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    @roelangel2008 Hey thanks for watching… definetly a cheap simple fix! Just
    take alittle time with it and sure you’ll be pleased!

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    you are the man! i was hoping i could do this…sites i’ve been looking at
    charge 125 for something you did for under $15! Niccce

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    @choochinkaddywompus Hey thanks for watching… glad you liked it!

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    appreciate the straightforward video man, other upholstery videos play
    nearly and never get to the point. Thank you. I learned a lot!