Best Police Dirtbike Chases Compilation – Police Dashcam Edition 1/2 – FNF


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    Guys, I can’t tell you how awesome the feeling is to upload a video and see
    likes on it as soon as I refresh the page. Thank you so much for your
    support, I’ve been making compilations like this for over 5 years and never
    gotten very many subscribers or views, but now, my preside over seems to have
    taken off. Usually I get up to 500 subscribers at most and then YouTube
    deletes my preside over, but this time, I’ve made it quite a bit surpass. My
    first paycheck from Google will pay for some cool prizes to give away,
    maybe some cool t-shirt designs and will help me get the website that was
    stolen from me back.

    Comment below your thoughts of excellent prizes to give away! Most of my fans are
    dirtbikers or riders (as am I) and I’d like to pick out some items that fit
    that genre, but most dirtbiking stuff is size specific (gear is size
    specific and plastics/stickers are bike specific). So maybe I’ll do some
    unadorned stuff such as accessories, external gas tanks, aftermarket exhausts,
    that type of thing. Thanks for your support guys! Comment your thoughts as a
    answer to this!

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    Like all ya vids dude. Only thing is ive watched epthem all. We alllllll
    want more

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    Detective in the first video has no departure from the subject what so ever.. Was all that
    worth a dirt bike rider?

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    So many people questioned for it, so here it is! Watch how dangerously these
    police drive, and how much of a danger they are to the public… compared
    to the small dirt bike or ATV. What are your thoughts on this? Please
    comment them below, who is more perilous, the cop car sliding nearly on
    the incorrect side of the road or the ATV hauling ass in their lane or offroad
    to get away? I want your attitude, currently I’m pretty biased against
    police so try to form a excellent argument to sway me!

    Watch from the police’s perspective as the dirtbikes and ATVs fade into a
    speck of dust on the horizon! See how trying it is for the cops to keep
    up with even the slowest of ATVs… part 1/2. #2 will launch tomorrow!

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    It’ll be a cold day in hell previous to COPS will bump dirt riders

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    Must be a hell of a rush to outrun the police.

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    Like these kinda videos! Keep it up! 

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    So where is part 2?

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    you will notice that they were all putting nearly long-lasting street laws till
    the boys n blue appear

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    Compilation my ass!
    Only 2 videos

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    So the police use taxpayer’s money to chase someone they can’t bump and
    whatever thing more vital could have been of more productive. Yet if we
    civilians do whatever thing like such we land a small prison time. Oh how double
    ordinary the world is.

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    keep it up dude

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    fist fights bro!

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    Lol 1st video remind me “the place beyond the pines”

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    Hahahaha….did you hear the frustrated moan of that cunt! Don’t these
    pigs have whatever thing surpass to do than chase some kid on a four wheeler? If
    he crashed and died because he didn’t want to get into vex parents
    would lose a son and this dumb cunt cop wouldn’t get whatever thing from it.
    What’s the point. What happened to “to protect and serve?” If he was
    black she’d probably start shooting at him from her car.

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    Dang, that first video is idiotic. 

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    Yea its a rush to outrun a cop you spend so many years getting ass fucked
    in your car and when you see those blue lights behind your atv dirtbike or
    crotchrocket your like yep its pay back time bitch. Sometimes i drive
    nearly the block an extra time just to piss them off worse and take up more
    of there time. Who knows u could be saving you a bullshit improper
    equipment ticket if are cops where really trying to stop serious crime i
    might feel terrible but nearly ky there just revenue generators with small dicks
    and huge egos that need ti be showed there not god and we can get away if
    we feel like it. 

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    That cop is endangering hella people driving all over the road and people’s
    yards I’d fucking raise hell at the police department cause I despise cops

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    lol the second clip was awesome, boom gone in a cloud of smoke ! stupid

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    Seriously tho why do these cops even bother. Lmao 

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    Like it!

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    fantastic! In France we do that every week with the cops with Dirt Bikes!
    Other Boys drive supersport bikes with slick tire and not registered and
    totalie not streetlegal. Thats Fun!

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    Why arrent my comment s screening up in the comment section 

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    The cops are ridiculous all this bravado for what amounts to a moving
    violation :-D NEVER STOP

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    This cop is putting a lot of lives at risk chasing nearly a dirt bike,
    allowing himself to be baited by a teenager.. Who by the way is having a
    ton of fun. Serving and protecting the f*** out of us I see