CK Tries Out The 1.7 Cleaning Solutions Products On Her ATV


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    LOL, my cleaner is the local car wash, with some spray paint and primer to
    touch up the worn out areas where metal is rusting!

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    Does the plastic shine product tend to attract dust/dirt on the next ride.
    I’ve used a few of those types of products and they looked fantastic meeting
    at home, but on the next ride they were a real dust magnet. Just

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    It looks like it works really excellent and all, but for over $70 I reckon a
    garden hose will do just fine for now.

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    Looks like excellent stuff. Fun part is getting it dirty again. Lol cheers

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    nice job! any way I could get the same t-shirt you have? lol, I got an
    orange one last year.

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    Looks like it works fantastic! Thanks for the review, I reckon we found Billy’s

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    I’ve yet to really see your quads “filthy”. Maybe dusty and some mud under
    the fenders, but if you want to see a caked on mess, you should see my
    Renegade after a ride. Nothing small of a pressure (low pressure) washer
    will get it sterile.

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    Bravo CK! You are getting sooooo excellent at those reviews!
    Thanx for allotment that info. I wonder if it attracts dust? Where can I buy

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    Can’t argue with the results. That stuff does what is claims for sure. The
    wireless mic really improves the audio on your demo videos. CK is getting
    real excellent at the demo thing.

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    Nice review. Must be very expensive. Lemon Swear an oath works awesome on the
    Grizzlies Plastics also.

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    Check out CK’s review of 1.7 Cleaning Solutions Products

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    Hey Cubbee.. Do you know what there is to buy that will take mud stains off
    of the motor?

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    how do I get a cubbeezx t-shirt?

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    Very excellent job demonstrating how the products work CK! That whole kit makes
    the cleaning and detail process simplified. The Kodiak’s Steel Blue affect
    looked vivid afterwards! Thanks for Allotment!!!

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    turtle wax does a job and you only need the one can

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    Nice video as usual :) can not CK talk some more, she has a gorgeous voice!
    Like you both ;)

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    is that surpass then sc1.

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    where can i get one of your t shirts

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    Thanks for the vid! 

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    Looks fantastic! How long does the bottle last ? I’ve been using simonize tire
    foam for washing my bike for years now works fantastic too but cost 5.99 per
    can and you can go though the hole can in one wash if your really trying to
    get it sterile 

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    slickwash one bottole does WONDERS 

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    So when do you start your own TV show ?
    “OverQuadding”, “Quad Trail Through Hell” or maybe “Naked and Quaddin'” ?

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    Excellent review CK. You two take fantastic care of your equipment.

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    Nice review guys. That stuff sure made CK’s bike look new again !! THANKS
    for shar’in !!

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    Nice stuff!
    What all mods do you have done?