Mounting an Extra Fuel or Gas Tank on a Motorcycle


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    Awesome! I am Building a Custom 200cc Bobber and just built a GAs Tank out
    of a 2 1/2 Gallon Mini Heineken Keg. Came out fantastic and simple to do. Whole
    Bike is a Heineken theme Bike. Now doing a Oil one which is about the size
    of yours. Like this Shit. lol 

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    fantastic, thanks for posting

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    Check out this guy’s YouTube description. With nearly 8.000 views, I’m
    betting that he’s made some excellent money off of this 2 minute video. Unadorned,
    but it certainly solves my problem (I’m heading out on the bike tomorrow
    and am always worried about running out of gas over the grapevine)

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    Where did you find the clamp connector ? Thanks.

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    Ordered this today. Brilliant! Thanks very much.
    Now that you’ve had it for awhile, do you feel confident that one clamp is
    enough, that it won’t slide out at all? I was thinking that a wing nut
    might be excellent for the screw that holds the bottle — simple to loosen at
    night, on the side of the road, in the cold, when you’ve run out of
    gas…also simpler for someone to loosen and take the bottle though. 

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    I delight in looking at it.

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    so you can store a ethanol based fuel in this bottle without corrosion of
    the liner on the inside? 

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    Nice Ducati !!

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    It’s different because an aluminum water bottle will commence to corrode, and
    in many places it’s illegal to store gas in an unapproved container.
    These are legal, and will not corrode.

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    that is so illegal where I live! :-)

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    how’s it different from a regular metal bottle? just buy yourself a
    aluminum water bottle

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    cute! fantastic thoughts. You can get more miles by putting 100 octane unleaded
    in the spare container it should only cost 6 bucks to fill