Shorty Half Helmet Comparison at Competition Accessories


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    ide rather have a mushroom head than a hamburger head

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    You didn’t mention head shape and I’m wondering if any of these will fit a
    long oval head? The Arai Signet Q fits me well. I’ve yet to find another
    helmet that fits me;. Either shorty or 3/4. Help?

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    although that being said , Yes u do have a head that looks similar to our
    penis head

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    Buddy, EVERY one of those foolish helmets look like a mushroom meeting on
    your head! .. NONE of them are low profile. … Until they make a helmet
    that doesn’t make me look like I have a second head, I’m not wearing one!
    .. Thank God this state doesn’t require me to because I reckon I would sell
    my bike previous to I was forced to wear something that looked like that! 

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    I been searching helmets for a long time. I have a long slim face and there
    seems to be no DOT half helmet that don’t make my head look like a huge
    The only helmet that looks excellent on me is a “novelty” helmet I have.
    I’d like to find a excellent looking DOT half helmet. Lets face it, bikers are
    all about looking and being cool. Not looking dorky or stupid.
    Even on your head, most of those look like a mushroom. Some worse then
    others. I was disappointed in the way the Bell drifter looked. That was one
    of the ones I was considering.
    I reckon the Bell rogue will be the only one that looks ok on me. Because
    it covers my long face, and might not look too terrible.
    I could kick my grandpa’s as for giving me this screwed up head I have. If
    I see him in the after life I am going to knock him out.

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    How lame are those helmets. they will be extinct soon

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    Do you know if these helmets are legal in the uk?

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    Don’t worry Van / JS… Chances are you won’t look any worse with one of
    these on than you would without it,,, 

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    Thanks for the comment! At the time of this video, the EXO-100 was being
    discontinued (they are on closeout now) and the EXO-110 that is replacing
    it was not available yet (they are out now). Scorpion certainly makes a
    fantastic helmet!

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    needed a helmet in a pinch and didn’t want to wait on shipping . i went to
    the rock hill store every time i go there i always leave with something i
    really didn’t want because the selection sucks ass . wont be back

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    Hmm.. those are pretty closely matched – you could also check out the Zox
    Nano for a few bucks more – it is very low profile with a fiberglass shell
    – subdue under $100.

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    I have the Scorpion EXO 100, and I’m pretty pleased with it…was surprised
    to not see it in this comparison. Mine is now nearly 5 yrs ancient and has
    fallen a couple of times, so was checking for new options. But other than
    the Bell, I don’t see one that gives a decent replaceable visor peak, a
    unstable drop-down shield, neck curtain and speaker pockets for nearly
    $90. I’ll probably go with the Scorpion again based on this comparison.
    Thanks for a excellent overview!

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    I wear the American WW2 helmet when riding. my hometown police always stop
    me whenever they see me riding with it. : )

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    Very helpful video, thanks. As just a recommendation maybe show a side view
    of the helmets on a person as well. Also, I’m looking at the: Skid Lid,
    GMax GM45S, and Vega XTS. Which of these do you feel has the least
    “mushroom/bubble top” look.

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    Fantastic reviews on all those units. I just bought a Bell Pit Boss and I
    hadn’t seen it on someones head, but I like Bell helmets so this review
    helped quite a bit. Now if only I can grow a surpass goatee haha!