CHEAP Full Body CE Armor Jacket Review – Urban Motorcycle Gear – Perrini Armor Jacket Review


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    ATTN FYI- Many of you have questioned me about the unprotected areas on the
    Perrini Armor jacket, such as the sides of the rib cage where there is no
    armor. Although I reckon you will be ok at city speeds, my solution is to
    wear a kevlar shirt underneath the armor jacket fro extra protection.
    Here is a link to where you can get a kevlar shirt:

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    @kyle crabtree – Thanks for the heads up! I corrected it. Here is the link
    for the Kevlar shirt if you are interested:

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    @Megan Walsh – This armor jacket is not excellent to wear underneath a jacket
    unless you get a huge size and then you will look like herman munster on
    steroids. lol They sell armor shirts that you can wear underneath a jacket.

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    ATTN: FYI: This armor jacket does come with shoulder straps that attaches
    to the screw holes at the top the chest armor an the top of the back armor
    . I didn’t know what the straps were for b/c the picture did not show the

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    why dont you plasti dip the armor :)

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    Well I got mine in a few days back and Ive been experimenting with it… I
    got some improvements that Ive done to it… do you allow video responses
    on this video CC?

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    4:43, i wanna buy that pants tho, lol shit fits excellent yo! 

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    I really like the thought of using the armor in substitution of a jacket, but i
    am worried about doable road rash on the unprotected areas, mainly
    the sides(of the rib cage) where sliding is very doable. have you
    considered this? it is only thing stopping me from buying it so far. I
    wouldnt want to buy an additional jacket to place overtop

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    Yo cruza, your generous basically fits like a ordinary right? I usually wear
    ordinary jackets and there are only larger left on amazon

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    How adjustable is this jacket? The wits I question is that I just measured my
    chest at 44″, but I know my weight fluctuates a lot, depending on how
    active I am. I could see myself fluctuating between 42″ and 46″ and would
    like to pick one that may be a small generous but that can be adjusted pretty
    tight if necessary. 

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    Hey cruza can this be hi viz diped ?

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    the link to this jacket is sold out. is there any other i can buy this

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    Can you wear this under a jacket comfortably?

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    I know this vid is for the jacket but I wanna question…..what pants are those?
    If their street pants I’d like to know brand and price but if their habitual
    pants I’d subdue like to know :) they look cool 

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    If it fits like a ordinary I can get a generous and should be fine

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    its $80 holy shit that’s cheap

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    Is that the kevlar riding pants off ebay for like nearly $90bucks with the
    knee n hip pad inserts if so whats your thoughts on them did you do a
    review on because I wear bdu’s all the time and want the kevlar bdu so my
    habitual clothing style stays the same while riding but with really right
    protection thanks

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    Hey cyclecruza
    How would this jacket with for women .. I wear a 42DD bra.. And was curious
    to know what you thoughts are

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    I need this since it has been super hot in California. Thanks +CycleCruza 

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    Hey CC, what about these shin guards ? bike/dp/B005M16QY6/ref=pd_sim_auto_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0W49J92WVQ93BMN0JSVB
    I am running something like this from Knox that cost me close to 80 bucks,
    they work fantastic.. been down twice in them but someone (maybe you) needs to
    try these out and give a review… I bet they would look awesome over your
    camo with that armored jacket…
    only thing about those shin guards that worries me is that I don’t see any
    straps for the top part of them where the knee cap is.. I cant see them
    just letting that cut flop nearly like that.. there has GOT to be
    something up there to hold them in place that we don’t see… but I got a
    feeling that those cheap shin guards are a lot more vital then the
    asking price… test them out for us dude..

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    Why u be talking like u from Compton,,,,, but u iznt !!!

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    Fantastic review dude.

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    just got it awsome thanks ready for the walton museum ride in schuyler,va
    ( the walton)

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    hey cruza, everytime i click tha link in tha description to look at tha
    Kevlar shirt you were talking about it sends me to tha jacket on amazon
    instead. just a heads up! ride safe man

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    im thinking about getting something like this to wear under a jersey style
    icon jacket because the affect combo matches my gear. The jacket I want has
    some armor already built in this perini would be for extra do you reckon itd
    work out?