Fly Racing Barricade Body Armor from


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    is that the only affect?

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    if you can get a neon light blue you’ll look like you just came out of TRON

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    What is your attitude about hard armor vs soft armor?
    I ride enduro and I face rocks, piercing tree branches, etc, when I fall.
    At the moment I am using hard armor but being hard the edges kind of rubs
    against my body.
    I want to try the Barricade Body Armor or Forcefield but I wonder if
    they are designed to resist rocky pointy hits.

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    Well, it’s a lot surpass than wearing nothing… But, I’m sure there are
    excellent reasons that hockey teams wear specific hockey pads. Excellent luck! – jc

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    This looks like a pretty lasting cut of equipment. My question is?.how
    excellent would this protection be in protecting the wearer against impacts from
    objects like a hockey pucks and sticks? The wits I question is because I play
    hockey but despise wearing the huge bulky chest/shoulder protectors that are
    designated for hockey. I currently do not use any upper body protection
    while I play and this looks like something I want to try. Thanks for
    any info you can give me.

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    with an armor like this crashing becomes fun :)

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    question… can i commence my crime fighting career with this?