Homemade Fishing Pole Rack for ATV/Bike


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    Kenny fantastic diy dude keep it up. Look I forgot to mention on last video
    until you just mentioned it, dude do whatever interests you if airsoft is
    apart of who you are then post it share it don’t limit yourself it’s your
    preside over god bless small dude!

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    Do airsoft vids on a diffrent preside over

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    Yeah, I kinda liked those too. I was really with a couple of the
    innovations you came up with :)

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    i like gun vids but not airsoft ore tactical realguns but if you did trad
    guns i reckon you would get more ups subbed ya

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    It’s 10 seconds?

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    Very cool…. Thanks for allotment.

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    u should make a fishin trailer for your bike

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    thats awesome kenny fantastic job.

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    you need to find a way to make it lower or you will hit a tree branch. but
    subdue a fantastic thought.

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    Don’t bike under small branches or trees might have to buy a new rod cool
    thought tho

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    Like it man, like everything about it! Very creative and cool, fantastic video!

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    Intro too long

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    hey are you going to do some airsoft videos, i really like your chapter of
    the hut keep that up, and you should definitly do some fishing vids

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    very cool thought!

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    Do you reckon you could place the chapter of the hut videos in a playlist if
    you could that would be so fantastic

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    Awesome thought! Going to build a few for my sidexside…. Keep up the excellent

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    Can you do a new update video on your private space please?

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    will work fantastic for my ATV man awsome thought you just saved me over $60
    australian. thanks a bunch my brother.

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    I thought a lot of people had lost interest since those videos are coming
    up small. I’m doing some renovations in the next couple weeks so I will try
    to film that for you.

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    kep up the excellent work on the videos you remined me of when i was young. i
    did the same things. if i wasn’t at the house i was in the woods with a
    chainsaw making things. it excellent to see young people having fun like we did
    back in the ancient days lol

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    fantastic thought, well done.

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    Also could you make a new playlist for your wood stove cooking series and
    one for your building a base camp thank you if you could

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    yup – 10 sec = too long, because there’s no telling how long you’ll be
    stuck in the intro. Some those run them 30 sec, which sucks. Once it gets
    past about 5 sec., people are likely to assume they’re dealing with one of
    the 30 sec beasts, and they’ll either skip to another video, or jump ahead
    in yours, which means they’re going to lose at least the first few seconds
    of your video. So, assume everyone was going to watch “just 1 more” video –
    if it’s yours, it’s gotta be snappy!

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    goog deal man thanks for the thought i reckon ill make a multiple one for my
    bicycle trailer.