Motorcycle Tire Changer Assembly – GENSSI


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    Posted 03/24/2015 at 7:15 | Permalink

    What is the diameter of a circle is the top and bottom?

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    The Pin is for hooking your levers behind when putting the tyre back on

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    I reckon you place the lever that really breaks the bead backwards. The
    curvature should follow the rounding of the tire, no?

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    They mounted the bead breaking fork/wedge the incorrect way the curve should be
    towards the center. ;)

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    What’s the pin for @ 7:04?

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    ok so that’ll break the bead, so how do you change the tire then? If its a
    tire changer, and not simply a bead surf, which can be had for $25 from
    Harbor Freight. 

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    How may yanks does it take to build a tyre ring , lmao , and they subdue
    built it incorrect with 2 of them 

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    is this really just a bead surf? lol

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    ok this is excellent but..? no video how to really take the tire of..?as im
    thinking of geting one

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    Does it work, cos I’m thinking of getting one. Last time I changed a tyre,
    the toughest part was breaking the bead. Finished up with a huge lump of wood
    wedged under my bench. Is it also simpler to take out and fit the tyre with it
    bolted on this?

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    I just bought one of these. A nice unit once you get past the Chinese
    quality control while assembling it. Things don’t quite line up. The Genssi
    those associated this video to me when I questioned them what the pin was for below
    the bead surf hinge. They don’t know, this is an assembly video with no
    sound and doesn’t resolution my question. Also, the guy is installing the
    surf spoon in backwards. The curve is supposed to follow the curve of
    the unit and the tire/wheel. So, what’s the pin for? Thanks

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    Are these on the US market and for how much? Thanks

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    so how you take the tire off?