(LEDGlow Classic) 4pc HID Xenon Motorcycle Safety Strobe Light System


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    Posted 02/25/2015 at 7:39 | Permalink

    These are fantastic lights, and you can leave them on for hours and wont kill
    your battery. I personally don’t have them, but I will soon. I have seen
    these on some of the cars at local car shows.

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    what country is these?,,

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    I place these on my z71… If you don’t reckon they are bright check out my
    videos!! They work awsome and make people get out of the way in the day
    time or night.. Fantastic for first responders and really any emergency
    vehicle.. Simple to install but I didn’t buy the extra 15 foot cords so I
    have to go to a local lowes and pick up some wire so I could hook up the
    obes in my taillights.. Cost was about that same so.. Order it if u have
    any doubts that 8 ft cords are not long enough…

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    @japayuko0831 USA