Building A Motorcycle Lift Table


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    Fantastic choice of a Dirt bike to Showcase . I posted this link to our Yam650
    Digest with your credit for all to delight in. Well done !
    Al in Dundas

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    what weld did u used co2 or habitual weld??

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    Hi, I want to make a tablelift like yours and I have the same pump in 12V
    with a 2.2kW motor : what is your supply source ?? because It needs 180A
    … (sorry for my english because I’m French …)

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    Hello! I want to construct bike lift as at you. Whether there is at you a
    plot of construction of bike of the lift, drawings. I would buy them.
    Thanks. Ayrat Samigullin. Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

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    I just found your slide show a propos your bike lift table. I have looked
    at several DIY lifts and yours looks awesome mainly with it being a
    scissor design and lifts straight up. I am curious about some dimensions
    and materials.The rectangular tubing looks to be about 1.5″ x 3.00″? What
    is the part and width? what is the diameter of the initial cylinder you
    used? Where is the UHMW plastic found and would cast iron rollers/wheels
    (like used on floor jacks) work in place of the plastic?

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    Nice lift. I am building one similar now. Will post a video when done

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    nice table!!!posibal you can email me your planes!!! thank you

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    please! can you email me the plans? thank you!

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    I hope you don’t mind, but i want to question more questions about your
    lift. What is the part of the scissor arms? What is the guage of the
    steel? Is the top rectangle & bottom rectangle (top/bottom frame) of the
    same dimensions? Do both frames meet together when the lift is completely
    down? It looks like your thought of placing the slider tracks toward the
    center instead of having the track against the inside of the rail
    eliminated a problem of the scissor arm hitting it when lowered? Thanx

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    what part etc is the ram you used? well done on the lift too.

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    Nice work brother. Bout to start one myself. Hope it turns out this nice!

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    Nice work

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    Awsome table, would be greatful if you could email me the plot’s please.

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    @apowellz nice work.. very fascinating…

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    nice work.. thanks 4d clip.

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    Thanks for your interest, unfortunately I really built this lift 15 years
    ago and have been through 3 computer changes since then. No plans survived
    those changes. The tubing is 1.5 x 3 x .120 wall. I finished up using two of
    the cylinders you see, one would not lift my 1978 Honda Goldwing from the
    perfectly collapsed position!

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    hi i am building a motorbike lift for my A2 design scheme. i was just
    wondering what size box section you used for the lifting arms? i have got
    some 80x40mm with a 2mm wall thickness and i reckon i have heavily over
    engineered it. although my design is a bit differnt from this as there are
    only two arms that lift a plate that sits under the sump, so the wheels are
    free to be taken off

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    Fantastic work! I’m going to do the same lift. I bought all needed stuff. But
    not all is clear for me. Could you send me your email? My email take up: It will be fantastic if you can help me.

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    superbe job!

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    do you have the plans for this anywhere. I know I could scratch one up, but
    its always simpler just to run off a plot that works already.

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    hey what gauges steel u use and wall thickness? was it all square tubing
    besides the base

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    Hello. I’m spanish, excuse my poor english. Can tell me the part of the
    bars the scissors and the distance from the intersection of the bars Thx,