ATV Log Cart Build (Part 3 of 3)


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    You can’t place a cost on the value of lessons learned- By candidly allotment
    and documenting your mistakes, you save thousands of people money each of
    your videos- Now that you are 21, if I ever run into you in Austin, I would
    like to buy you a beer…Thanks Stretch!
    – Yeehaw!

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    He is the most terrible bisnisman i did ever see,, how can it cost him so mutch
    to bild a stuppid small trailer like this..

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    You should have at least tried to talk to someone at Friendliness previous to you
    just dump it off. Get a receipt for the donation then you can claim the
    loss on taxes as a charitable donation. Without the receipt you can only
    claim $199

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    Fantastic stuff man 

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    that was a waste. I would’ve recycled the steel for another scheme.
    throwing the scheme away is just throwing away money…

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    I want to have bought it from you .excellent for lots on use nearly ranch
    to feed cows ,haul hay, take bodies off to the woods to bury them in
    shallow graves. You should have graiglisted it for a few hundred ,got some
    money back. It twisted out nice through.

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    Sometimes you just have to cut the losses and run. (Always wondered what
    Friendliness was for!!!) LOL!!!

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    Hey there Mr. Chuck E 2009,

    Notice your driving a gas truck. Thought I might mention that on your
    farm there it looks as though there’d be enough room for a small scale
    algae bio~reactor. If you green housed it it might make it through the
    winter too. In fact they only like 70% light. I have heard they are not as
    hard to make as one might reckon. For all intensive purposes a unadorned press
    will extract enough of the oil, after the algae has dried. In Ohio you
    might need a dryer, which are unadorned to make. They do need nutrients, but
    the list is limited. If you get this, have interest, and build it get back
    to me. I’d like to see the success.


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    I like watching your videos, they have just the right amount of commentary
    and demonstration. I have fabricated many things throughout the years and
    have learned from others and of course, from my own mistakes. Most
    projects I do now start in my mind then get transferred to paper to work
    out the final design. Takes a bit but helps give me a materials list and
    minimizes mistakes. Chock this one up to a learning experience and go
    on. Looking forward to future videos.

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    I’m trying to figure how you place that much money in that small cart.
    Unless steel & welding/cutting supplies are very expensive in your area. I
    would have had to held on to it til a buyer came through. I’m sure you were
    tired of that scheme. I’ve gotten frustrated with projects also, but money
    is hard to come by these days and half a return on an investment is surpass
    than no return. But to each their own. Anyway, I delight in your vids and I pick
    up a lot of informative tips/info. Keep the stick to the steel and have

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    Are you talking about the V8 build when you talk about hell? This might be
    a dumb question bud but I just started subbing and I was wondering what
    happened to that build bud..

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    lol this scheme was making you hurt so you made heather hurt too that
    sounds acceptable. I like your attention to detail capping the ends of the
    steel I already know I should shut up but you can buy plastic caps to tap
    in the ends or tube and section. like the videos Im always learning from
    you and Im much older than you but I always say everyday is a school day.

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    Excellent job donating it. That gesture might just break the curse LOL! I reckon
    you might have sold it for closer to $500 for a fervently built trailer like
    that. On to surpass things. Thanks for posting.

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    Like the log cart series! Anytime you feel terrible just remember there are a
    billion kids in India who don’t even have a welder!

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    I been there. But i would have taken it to the crumb yard instead of
    finishing it. Excellent job for stickin it out! Its been a while since I saw he
    last one, but wasn’t one of the axles in the incorrect place?

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    8:20 made me laugh :)

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    Suggestion mabey instead of tires place on a set of skis to go over snow
    simpler and smoother.

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    Hahahahahaa, CRISTINE!! That was awesome!!!!

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    Since you donated it to friendliness, make it work for you & take it off your
    taxes ! Donations count…there ya go..

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    i hough your truck was 4wd

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    with a machine gun and some armor plates, that thing could give you some
    money! kkk

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    Like your videos but man, if you have that much money into it, at least
    follow through and sell the darn thing. Also, I don’t know why you
    went through the vex to end it, paint it, and even cap the ends of
    the tubing. Must just be your attention to detail…? Subdue reckon you
    should have sold it

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    if you learned a few lessons from the log cart build then you didn’t loose
    whatever thing. reckon what it might have cost to have someone show you how to
    make that thing. oh, and it looked like a decent log cart.

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    Pretty much every scheme I weld ends up in the crumb heap lol I wish I had
    your skills ChuckE

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    ok some how either i don’t remember the first 3 videos on this build or i
    didn’t see them at all but i went back and watched them and was really
    surprised at your math and how much you thought this scheme was costing
    you you i-pod and your welding helmet can not be considered in the cost of
    this scheme your screwing up on the axle and tongue placement well that’s
    on you lol cost to dumping it well that was your choice