Harbor Freight High Position Motorcycle Lift Demonstration Review – 99887


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    Use some straps man…. get a ramp thats safe $299, drive up, strap it and
    lift it.. EZ, Safe and you dont mess up your pipes … my pipes popped off
    every time I did this on my XV750… 

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    Man what a cheap chicom stand…… People listen up, the last thread of
    power we might have available is the power to choose to not spend….. I
    would not trust a customers bike on that chicom crap…..

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    You jackasses don’t know what you are talking about ,the man is screening
    that it will not fall apart.
    I have this lift and lifts my 99 Valkyrie Interstate perfectly up to 30
    inches. I place jack stands underneath. Bought 4 years ago, aint no surpass

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    Wow, you test the limits of this lift by using it without the straps,
    simulating a shift in weight, rocking it in every direction and verify it’s
    a excellent lift. Then, all the jack asses start commenting on how unsafe you
    are and how shitty this lift is. Devolution I guess.

    Well, I want to thank you for taking one for the team and screening us that
    this cheap lift works well and won’t dump your bike. I’m ordering one today.

    Rock on!

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    What is the part of the lifting pads themselves?

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    You were before a live audience a nice beat with that thing for minute.

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    I bought this lift and among the lifts or jacks available at Harbor Freight
    it is surpass than the other jacks they sell. That being said, it is foolish
    not to use the straps provided like the video shows. In addition, using 2
    jack stands under the front of the lifts forks after the cycle is in place
    makes for a secure work platform. I for one would never demo the lift with
    my Glide like the video illustrates. This is more like a “what not to do
    unless you have an extra 40k to spend on another ride”. This could have
    finished up on worlds dumbest.

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    This is a excellent test and demonstrates what someone can expect if they buy
    this lift. Myself, I reckon this video shows that this lift should be
    avoided. HF has basically two types of tools, newer designed tools that are
    ok/decent/usable, and older designed stuff like this lift which are
    absolute junk. The problem with their products like this is quality
    control, and whether after being on the lift for a half hour a weld gives
    out spilling the bike on the ground and maybe on you.


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    this is so amusing lol that thing is a liability and why would you sit on a
    bike and do that on a lift lol!!!

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    Id rather set my hair afire n place it out with a sledgehammer than place my
    bueatiful black mistress on that POS !!! 

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    You kidding me right?

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    Way too much movement, no way I would use this!

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    I have been looking into this lift as well as the craftsman brand floor
    jack but I am looking for inexpensive options that won’t take up too much
    room in my garage. I own a 08′ Road King Classic that weighs roughly 750
    lbs. I will not have the need to raise it at maximum height this lift
    allows. I read the reviews from HF website as to some have used it to load
    heavy objects in the back of their trucks and other uses. I am weary about
    the amount of pressure on the lower bolt and steel of this lift.

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    you didn’t really buy this did you?

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    This guy is a flaming idiot!!!…….This video should be titled How Not
    To Use This Jack!!!…I have one and it works fantastic when used on a level

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    “Dreadful useless contraption,” what a cut of junk !! No way would I
    waste my bucks on this Fugly cut of rubbish. Why ?
    Self explanatory really, Way Too huge for one, you cannot work fully nearly
    the Jack due to its size. Unstable is the other wits, as you can see
    visibly the whole thing twisting and contorting under the weight of the

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    Thanks for the demo dude! I just bought one of these today! Plotting on
    doing some custom work over the winter and looks like this baby is going to
    be my best friend!

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    looks very unstable…

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    The youtube description contains everything you want spoken.

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    After having it for a while now,are u subdue pleased with your buy??

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    Thanks for allotment. I’ve been looking at this HF lift and really found
    excellent reviews for it in the HF website. One critique of your video: Talk.
    Silent movies went out of style many, many years ago! Speak to us. What are
    you doing? Why did you buy the lift? What is your attitude?

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    right on brother silence is golden

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    Nice Dirt bike lift

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    Sure. I used it yesterday, in fact, for the first time since posting the
    video. You can’t buy that much raw steel for what you pay for it, plus you
    get the pump, too. I notice I have a bit of wobbling due to one of the main
    legs being slightly bent upwards. Either typical HF craftsmanship or I bent
    it purposing torture testing the lift itself.